Dreamcatcher Inspired Mas des Bartavelles Wedding

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Good morning lovelies we hope you’ve been enjoying a great week. Today we have for you a dreamcatcher inspired Mas des Bartavelles wedding. We love the idea that the dreamcatchers represent our gorgeous couple who are dreamers at heart.

They planned a beautiful day which they enjoyed with their closest family and friends in the glorious French sunshine!

We love our bride Melodie’s Accord Parfait wedding gown which was the perfect show stopper for their first look (you can see Thomas’ reaction below!)

We’ll now pass you over to their wedding photographer Sarah Stefani who will be walking us through their stunning south of France wedding…

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“Melodie and Thomas met 4 years ago during a Salsa party. For both of them it was love at first sight! After months spent chatting after each dance class, they made the decision to live together so that they would not need to be apart.”

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“It was then on December 17th, 2016, during a weekend in thalassotherapy, Thomas asked Melody to marry him! He planned everything! A romantic meal in a friend’s restaurant, a beautiful speech. He dropped to his knees on the floor and offered her 2 rings. An engagement and wedding ring! She had imagined this moment several times, it was a great surprise for her! She saw only him, burst into tears and said YES!”

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“Thomas is a caring and supportive person who appreciates perseverance and for whom the most important thing is to build a family and be happy. Melody, she has a lot of heart. For her, what counts most is the fulfillment, sharing moments of joy, being surrounded by loving people and staying eternally complicit with her husband. For them, marriage is the culmination of a couple’s love and foundation. Thus, by wearing the same name, they write the first pages of the story of their future family.”

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“Like all my married couples, Melody and Thomas have chosen to celebrate a wedding in their image: convivial and festive. One of their desires was to be able to enjoy each of their guests and for this purpose, they opted for a small wedding. Our lovers are also passionate about travel, traditions and nature is what allows them to relax. So, they chose a typical reception place in the heart of the Estérel, the Mas des Bartavelles . It is an old sheepfold of the 19th century in stone. Melody will say, “This place really has a soul! We immediately fell in love at first sight!”

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“Thomas and Melody are dreamers. And the dream catchers are the focal point of their decoration. It is a sacred object that lets only good dreams pass. They slide along the feathers to reach the dreamer. They will protect their wedding and their guests. Their wedding is their best dream so they put them all over the reception to ensure that their happiness continues. Moreover, they themselves have made their dream catchers because according to the legend, a dream catcher is effective only if it was manufactured by the person who will use it.”

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“For Melodie and Thomas, the year of preparation put them to the test! They lost three loved ones, Melodie was operated on urgently, their diet and sports investment made them feel very frustrated. Nevertheless, they kept in mind their beautiful encounters with the providers they chose with their hearts!”

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“With the euphoria of the wedding, Thomas did not understand that it was just necessary to pretend to cut the wedding cake. So when cutting the cake it actually collapsed! A great moment of laughter, which they will remember for a long time.”

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We advise completing your organisation before D-Day so that you can let yourselves be carried away by the magic of the day. A wedding planner is really essential before, after and during… We regret not having called someone from the beginning. A little bonus tip: have a bottle of water in the car on D-Day.

We had a magical day, the photographs are unforgettable and will remain with us forever! That day we managed to let ourselves be carried by the magic of love and our complicity was very present. Sharing this great day with our friends and family will remain an eternal memory!”

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Congratulations Melodie and Thomas from everyone here at French Wedding Style!

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Dreamcatcher Inspired Mas des Bartavelles Wedding Snapshot

Dreamcatcher Inspired Mas des Bartavelles Wedding Snapshot

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Venue: Mas des Bartavelles | Photographer: Sarah StefaniBrides Dress: Accord ParfaitHair and Makeup: Beauti Event & Co | Florist: Stessy FleursStationery: Zazzle

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