DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial

DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial It is December so that officially gives permission for the Christmas festivities to begin and we are starting in style with a DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial by FWS member Fleurs Design by Faustine.   I am SOOO excited about today’s post as the kitchen will be finished and we are hosting our first Christmas in the new house.  Plus we have a giant holly tree complete with holly berries in our garden that is perfect for a little trimming to create some festive decorations.

Before we start here is what you need:

Christmas Wreath Tutorial

  • Pine tree branches
  • Cypress branches
  • Some moss
  • Some pine cones
  • Thyme branches (from the garden)
  • Some ilex/ holly
  • and if you’ve got some autumn or winter foliage
  • Scissor
  • Wire
  • Glue gun

This is so super simply, let’s get started.

  1. First make a circle with the pine tree branches and attach all the branches together with the wire. (If you can get the wire to invisible is better) Always in the same direction, it will be well balanced if you turn step by step your wreath, it’s very important.Making a Christmas Wreath
  2. After, you can add the ilex/ holly and attach it with the wire too. DIY Christmas Wreath
  3.  Add all around the wreath, the autumn foliage first, attach the pine cones and the thyme, glue the moss. DIY festive wreath tutorial
  4. If you’ve got some rosebuds (or other little flowers), you can add them on the wreath .DIY Christmas Wreath
  5. To finish glue some little and thin branch on the top.  So you’ve got a lovely Christmas door wreath, that we make in the South of France.DIY Door WreathYou can also use this as the basis for a Christmas table decoration, adding some other flowers and candles.

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