DIY Bridal accessories and hats

DIY weddings can be budget friendly and are a wonderful outlet for the crafty bride, but what if you simply can’t find what you are looking for?  The answer –  design and make your own DIY bridal accessories.

But I’m not a designer I hear you cry!  How many times have we all gone shopping to try to find the perfect accessory to match our beautiful new dress.  Said dress gets taken on this long journey, being discretely man handled in every shop as you try to colour and style match.  Not to mention the occasion when you think that you might have found a winner, only to emerge from the changing room in full ensemble to realise it’s a no.

And then there our the brides who have a vision in their minds, but after hours of scouring the internet still can’t find their dream bridal accessory.

If you know where to look, designing and making your own accessories doesn’t have to be expensive and today with the aid of Randall Ribbons, I am going to take a look at some of the combinations of materials that could be put together.

Starting first with a traditional bridal accessory based around a headband with lace and pearls.

diy bridal headband

If you are looking for something a bit quirky with a nod to French style, use a Beret as the basis for your headpiece and embellished with a giant flower and feathers.

diy bridal accessories

By now I was having great fun playing hat designer, so I took it upon myself to create an ode to Coco Chanel with a monochrome creation based on a white hat and simple bow.  This would be fabulous for a wedding guest for a Coco Chanel themed wedding and swap out the black for a pink bow.

coco chanel hat

I fell in love with this grey felt untrimmed hat, that I decided this would be my winter hat with a contrasting patent pink trim and occasional flower if the mood took.

grey pink hat

I love my work, today hat and accessory designer – tomorrow the world!

monique trulove --wedding blogger

p.s. If you have made your own bridal accessories I would love to see pictures over on our facebook page.

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