Behind the lens: Deneemotion Wedding Cinematography

I love taking a look behind the lens and today we are behind the lens with Deneemotion Wedding Cinematography.  Deneemotion first came to my attention on Sean and Simone’s beautiful Chateau wedding in amongst the Bordeaux vineyards.  I have since spent many a spare minute watching their other wedding films and I always find myself being pulled into the wedding day and feeling like I am one of the guests, the mark for me of a fabulous wedding cinematography team.

So behind the lens we go, Denis from Deneemotion: “I am fascinated by the whole of France, the regions are so diverse and unique that it would be a shame to only film weddings in just one part of this beautiful country. Hence Deneemotion cover nationwide and beyond and looking forward to the most remote corner of France as we tend to rent cars to give us freedom of logistics.

Ascertaining the couples desired outcome for their wedding cinematography is crucially important.  During the whole proces from pre booking to editing, we always discuss the style, vision, approach and tastes. We can be traditional or very contemporary and the choice is completely theirs. Usually they tell us which video they like and want something similar.


Often for destination couples getting married in France a meeting before the big day is not always possible and we try to arrive at the venue a bit earlier to have a friendly chat. But since we exchange lots of emails during the booking process, even prelim meeting is not necessary, we’ve become friends already 🙂

All of our destination couples are memorable and we add them as Facebook friends straight away – we love  being in touch with them and as our client from New York said: we are not doing business with you, but rather we’ve invited you as our guests.

As a cautionary note to wedding suppliers, guests and even the bride and groom, travelling in rural France and relying on your Sat Nav can cause some interesting times.   So now we always print out a Google map copy of the destination, otherwise you may end up in the middle of the village with an awesome cheese shop, which is not too bad when you get lost :)”

This is a selection of wedding films by Deneemotion from both France and other wonderful destinations.  Click to find out more on Deneemotion and watch more of their wonderfully engaging wedding films

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