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wedding cinema deneemotionLights, camera, action – as today we meet Boutique wedding cinema team and in particular Denis from Deneemotion.  I am sad to say that we never had a wedding cinematographer for our big day 5 years ago, we have just the wedding photographs.  However, what has struck me recently when talking with Mr T, is the nuances that are happening in the stories of the wedding day, including an impromptu sweepstake on the length of our best man’s speech!

These small details however small were not captured in our wedding photos and now only exist in our ever changing memories.

Like most brides the idea of being in front of a camera did not fill me with excitement at the time, let alone being taped on film.  But that apprehension all fades away during a conversation with Denis and you can see why a Deneemotion couple look relaxed and focused on their wedding day, not being caught on camera.  The silver tongued cinematographer has won me over on the ease of being in front of the camera, just need a directors chair with “Monique” on the back and I am set!

But without further ado, let me introduce you to Denis:

“Hi, I am Denis from Deneemotion Boutique Wedding Cinema team and we specialise in hi-end wedding films around the UK and worldwide. Our wedding work has taken us several times to New York, Los Angeles, France, Italy, Dubai, Croatia, The Caribbean, Montenegro, Cyprus and the list is growing. Probably, this is due to us taking our assignments seriously and looking after every tiny detail giving our films and photos that extra human touch.

I became friendly with the video camera about 12 years ago when we first shot a documentary covering street art and the extreme sports scene in Lithuania. Our only teachers at that time were TV and videotapes, then YouTube came into our life. Basically, I have never attended any courses or special training, it just came eventually. I switched to wedding videography before moving to the UK in 2005, but soon realised I needed more space to fulfil my ambitions: I knew this was what I wanted to do full-time.

In order to be a fabulous videographer, or cinematographer as I call it, you have to love weddings and have some taste in fashion, music, design. You have to be a little creative and push yourself to the limit.

Danielle and Yann’s real wedding

If you can’t do it, you are an average videographer who produces cheesy and tasteless videos (what is so unique in having a video with Take That’s Greatest Day? This is so cliché) We have to ensure clients are always happy with the film, so we ask them about their vision and preferences; either online or in person.

Some clients send over wedding videos that they love and are very helpful in understanding whether we are on the same page for the vision for their wedding day. Working with destination couples is always exciting, and our planning starts well in advance, including location scouting and area researching to name a few.

Our approach is the same for everyone and we don’t treat clients differently whether they are on a budget but really wants Deneemotion as their filmmakers, or they are a big-budget bride who saw some of our luxury wedding works.

Simone and Sean’s real life wedding in Bordeaux

There is no doubt that there is something cool about France; I first went to Paris in 1996 and it was as magical as it can be for a teenager.

Now we go there at least three times a year and have 4 bookings in 2013, so make sure you keep an eye on for some beautiful films 😉 Our favourite area in France is South-West and especially the Bordeaux region, not just for its wine, but for gorgeous weather and hundreds of great places to shoot films.

We feel blessed for having a chance to work there, and I think this is the best thing about being a wedding videographer – combining work with pleasure. But hey, you have to be a very responsible and dedicated person in order not to screw things up!”

To find out more about Deneemotion and the services that they can offer you for your wedding day, be sure to visit their social media channels below.

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