Day 7 Attack Phase Dukan Diet

Today’s post comes with a big frowney face.  On my last post day 5 attack phase I was nervous about the weekend and how my usual activities would fit with doing Attack phase dukan diet.

The positive side is that I stuck to Dukan all weekend AND I still did my compulsory exercise, the only slight hick-up when I took a mouthful of my friends vodka and diet coke as the bartender had switched our drinks.  Don’t worry I gave it straight back and swapped it for a plain diet coke.  So why the frowney face? :

So the all important numbers after 7 full days:

Weight:      13st 11lbs
Chest:         46.5″
Waist:         41.5″
Hips:          47″

That’s right, the exact same as it was on Friday!!

I know I know, I can all hear you saying it:

” You can’t lose every day”
“It could be water retention”
“You could be putting on muscle from the exercise”

And so on, but lets face it during the Attack Phase which is all about numbers, you would like it if they go down.  Now for the silly part, I know that you don’t lose weight for trying, but I was so good over the weekend especially when I had opportunities not to, that I feel the dieting karma should have given me at least 1/2 lb.

Moving on…… Today is the first day that I start Cruise phase.  Now as I am following Dukan Diet online, it would have been nice if they would have sent through’s today’s menu yesterday or even a big flashing banner that you are moving onto Cruise tomorrow.  After 7 days I have just got my head around the Attack rules, so spent a good hour this morning re-reading the Cruise rules to make sure that I am prepared.

Reading through the vegetable list and I have never been so excited at the thought of asparagus, mushrooms and courgettes to name just a few.  Lunch today was a poached egg with asparagus (too hungry to take picture before eating so I had to find one).

poached egg asparagus

image from Kitchenist

If you are reading and nodding at any of this post, please do leave me a message, be nice to know that I am not completely diet mad already.

Monique x x


  • Not a big fan of diets but if it’s just a temp measure then ok….

    Sometimes it does just take your body a bit to catch up, the weight WILL come off if you keep it up!

  • Well done for getting through the attack phase, stick with it and you will see results, I did the Dukan last year and dropped 2 dress sizes and almost a year later I’ve only put on a few extra pounds but that was through indulging at Xmas.

    • Thanks for the comments. Andri thanks for sharing your Dukan Diet success story, especially that you have kept the weight off. If you have any great recipes you would like to share do send them over x

  • Ive just finished my attack phase and have lost nothing yet! I had one glass of wine and one vodka and soda this evening (last evening of the phase) and to be honest, I don’t think I would have done if i’d seen results earlier!
    I just hope I havnt really set myself back!
    Good luck x

    • Sorry to hear that you didn’t have success, but in order for success you have to stick to it 100% and even the smallest of non approved food can break the effect that is desired.
      Also make sure you are drinking the water and doing the exercise these are as necessary as the food you are eating.

      Good Luck