Day 4 Cruise Phase Dukan Diet

If my last numbers check in post on first day of  cruise phase dukan diet came with a frowney face, today on day 4 of cruise comes with a happy face!  I am on day 4 of cruise and the scales and I have ended our domestic and have finally moved again:

Weight:      13st 9lbs (-9lbs)
Chest:         46″ (-1″)
Waist:         41″ (-1″)
Hips:          46.25″ (-1.25″)

From now on the period where scales don’t move at all is going to be called sticky weight.  I had sticky weight for 4 days, the scales would not budge either way and during this period my motivation was low.  Not low in the sense that I was going to give up, that is not an option, but that I felt almost embarrassed that I couldn’t understand why the weight wasn’t coming off when it had been doing so for days.

Perseverance prevailed and I actually let out a little scream when Sonia went down this morning.  To explain I name everything, somehow everything has a personality to me and Sonia Scales or more commonly know as  the Wii fit board actually decided to end her dispute with me and move down.  Is anyone else using a Wii fit to weigh themselves?  I find it very confusing as you don’t actually get told your weight, but the lbs that you have dropped (doesn’t do 1/2) and your new BMI (scary number).  Anyone know of a way to change this?

Cruise phase going really well and loving the protein and vegetables days, plus sugar free jelly has become my new “treat” food during the day.  As part of my ongoing shedding for wedding dress diet, I am looking to change my lifestyle and including new products and tools along the way to aid me in my quest.

Included in my new toolbox of tricks is Weleda’s Birch Cellulite Oil, which as per packaging states that with regular use tones and firms the surface skin, helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  I am starting using it today and over the coming weeks, will let you know how I get on.Weleda birch cellulite oilI also wanted to clear up any confusion for anyone who hasn’t read the start of my journey.  I got married to my wonderful husband and best friend 4 years ago next month, my shedding for wedding dress diet is my journey to loose the weight so that I can get back into my wedding dress that is hanging sadly on the back of the door.

I actually found the original order form from my wedding dress with the measurements at the time:

brides measurementsThese were the measurements the day I ordered my dress and I did shed approx another stone before the big day.  But to get to these numbers I have to shed 2.5″ from bust, 6.25″ from hip and an incredible 7″ from my waist! Although I may think of myself as an hourglass figure now based on my numbers, little moves from my bust as I shed weight and did I ever have a waist that small??

The gauntlet is set and my numbers will be these again!

Happy shedding and let me know how you are doing.

Monique x x