Day 29 of Shedding for Wedding Dress Diet – 1 stone lost!

Woooo hoooo!  As you can see from the title, day 29 and I have passed the first stone mark on my weight loss journey!!  When you are on a long shedding for wedding dress diet journey, milestones are so important to keep your motivation going and I really did need this little victory.

So 1 stone off how are my numbers:

Weight:      13st 4lbs (-14lbs)
Chest:         45.25″ (-1.75″)
Waist:         40″ (-2″)
Hips:          45.5″ (-2″)


As I have done so well and rather proud of myself I have awarded myself a gold star!

gold star weight loss

So how has it been this week? I have had a really hectic week juggling work commitments and family commitments whilst dieting. The old me would have taken this as an excuse/ opportunity to justifiably fall of the diet wagon.  But no!  I have stuck to the diet religiously and my reward……………. a very slow weight loss week.

I know that you don’t lose weight or get rewards for what you have not eaten, but when you have been strict and passed up opportunities to indulge I somehow feel that you should!  That through dieting karma, you should at least earn the right for the scales to go down.

Don’t get me wrong I am still really enjoying doing the diet, but during my busy week I have not had the opportunity to be so adventurous with recipes.  This has meant plain dinners of steak, chicken breast, smoked salmon galette or steamed fish.  Whilst these are all perfectly acceptable on cruise phase of Dukan Diet, these dinners haven’t been visually attractive or delectable.  As such this has left me a little less motivated, something that I know I need to resolve next week.

Different to previous weight loss attempts I am actually going to take a little time out for myself and reward myself for every stone I loose.  I recently asked for your suggestions which included shopping and taking time to relax.  I have decided on my first stone reward…. keep on reading my shedding for wedding journey and I will post pictures and let you know all about it.

Happy Dieting!

Monique x x

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