Day 23 of Shedding for Wedding Dress Diet

Dieting, dieting, dieting – once the initial novelty of trying a new diet has worn off and in the case of Dukan Diet you are off Attack phase and have moved onto cruise, the hard work really begins.

So on day 23 of my shedding for wedding dress diet journey here are my numbers:

Weight:      13st 51/2lbs (-12.5lbs)
Chest:         45.5″ (-1.5″)
Waist:         40.5″ (-1.5″)
Hips:          45.5″ (-2″)

My weight loss last week was small  although this morning we do seem to have movement, so fingers crossed I am off and moving again and have done sticky weight again until next week.

On Cruise Phase you are only expected to loose 2lb a week so it is not a quick fix diet, but all those 2lbs add up!

I have settled into a routine for breakfast and lunch, for breakfast I have a little plate buffet either fish or meat from allowed food range.  Lunch is when I  have my galette maybe with dill and smoked salmon on top or on pv days, chicken and mushroom is good.

Dinner is where I have been experimenting and trying out new recipes.  The biggest different to my cooking is the use of spices and marinades to add the flavour to the meat and fish, rather than rich sauces that I would have done in the past.

healthy fish recipes

Source: The Daily Green

I am even eating fish on a regular basis!  This is a huge move forward for me, not least as it is the bones in fish that I don’t like, but more that I was ignorant in how to cook fish properly and healthy.  I have been looking at some different healthy eating websites and then converting recipes to become Dukan safe, I will post some more recipes going forward.  I keep forgetting to take pictures as I am anxious to eat the food!

So far I have lost 12.5lbs so the 1 stone mark is hopefully coming soon.  I am looking for suggestions from other dieters as to how you celebrated these big achievements to recognise the hard work that it takes to lose 1stone?

Please do let me know your suggestions, unfortunately my favourite of a nice meal and champagne doesn’t really fit this occasion!

How are you doing on your dieting journeys?

Monique x x


  • You are doing so well!

    I have lost 8lbs so far, but having real motivation issues this week and feeling bored of the food I am eating – look forward to seeing some of your recipes! x

    • I will be sure to post some more shortly, but in the meantime be sure to visit for ideas.

      Keep going it will be totally worth it, change your food to give you something to look forward to and sugar free jelly topped with yoghurt and tablespoon of sweetener is my dukan friendly “treat” when I need it.


  • Really, really well done. I am nearly at the 1 stone mark on Weightwatchers (well, I say that but I have been stuck at the same weight for three weeks now, grrr), and I have bought a darling little blouse which is JUST a little too tight. My treat to myself is going to be wearing it! God, I’m so shallow… 🙂 But seriously, congratulations, I know how hard it is but it will all be worth it!

  • Thank you for the encouragement ladies, I really do appreciate it. Jenny I feel your pain “sticky weight” as I call it can really dent your motivation. Keep going and we will all be supper slinky for summer.
    Monique x x