Cymbeline 2014 Wedding Dresses

It is two years since I started French Wedding Style and I still feel like a child on Christmas Day when the new season fashions are released.  Whilst I am not a fashionista, I do so enjoy looking at the latest designs.  Analysing the fabrics and trends emerging and today I am sharing that gift, with the new Cymbeline 2014 Wedding Dresses Collection.

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Cymbeline HAPPY

Dress: Happy

As French wedding dress designers go, Cymbeline is one of the most iconic, creating show stopping statement dresses for every style of bride. The latest collection “Je Vous Aime” (I Love You), is a mix of  old school Hollywood glamour and the chic Parisian style that is associated with Cymbeline.

Romanticism is at the heart of this collection, using sumptuous fabrics such as the finest Chantilly and Calais lace, to create timeless dresses with a nod to Marilyn herself.


Cymbeline HONDA

Dress: Honda

Cymbeline HISTOIRE

Dress: Histoire

Cymbeline HADDA

Dress: Hadda


Cymbeline HEATHER

Dress; Heather


Cymbeline EDWIGE

Dress: Edwige


Dress Hildegarde

Cymbeline HOUPS

Dress: Houps

Cymbeline HAMY

Dress: Hamy


Cymbeline HIMALAYA

Dress: Himalaya

Cymbeline HONOLULU

Dress: Honolulu

Cymbeline HILMA

Dress: Hilma

Cymbeline HOLLY

Dress: Holly

Cymbeline HEMA

Dress: Hema

Cymbeline HYPE

Dress: Hype

Cymbeline HADNY

Dress: Hadny


Dress: Henriette

Cymbeline HARMO

Dress: Harmo

Cymbeline HAVANA

Dress: Havana

Cymbeline HOSSANA

Dress: Hossana

Cymbeline HALLIE

Dress: Hallie

View the entire collection at Cymebline.  I would love to know which is your favourite dress and which silhouette you are considering for your wedding day.

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