Countryside Wilderness Wedding

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Today we have for you a countryside wilderness wedding inspiration shoot. We love a wild bridal bouquet, a delicate floaty gown and effortlessly beautiful photography here at FWS and this feature has it all!

Photographer Romain Vaucher captured the essence of this photo shoot perfectly while florist Histoires Sauvages created wild floral arrangements to inspire any bride looking for something a little unique. Pauline of Histoires Sauvages will be walking us through this wilderness wedding inspired shoot…

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This editorial blooms in the heart of the countryside, in a wilderness that is falling asleep. The tale is being written in an ancient light-based chapel. Cloudy gentleness, texture and tones. The inspiration has its roots in a nature that is preparing itself for the winter. The trees are losing their leaves, the days are getting shorter and the sunlight is dwindling. The light, whitewashed by the clouds, dispenses its pureness and its spirituality in the midst of the chapel, where love will be celebrated, as a sheer blend.

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The sheerness conveys the whiteness of this cloudy sky, a light dress designed by Emeline Emeline and its lovely lace accents, qui habillent tout en dévoilant subtilement. The invisible becomes visible, the floral structure, sometimes revealed and at times hidden, of Histoires Sauvages‘ scenery creates an interplay of transparency and lightness that unveils itself depending on how we look at it.

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The beauty effortlessly revealed by the light and the fine work of Sarah Sautret. The radiance, the motion and the transparency are enhanced by Romain Vaucher‘s work, which has marvelously captured the purity of this moment.

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Countryside Wilderness Wedding Snapshot

Countryside Wilderness Wedding Snapshot

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Photographer Romain Vaucher | Florist Histoires Sauvages | Brides Dress Emeline Emeline | Hair and Make Up Sarah Sautret | Venue Chapelle de Warby