Dare to be different with colored diamond jewelry

Welcome to Saturday shopping inspired post, daring to be different with colored diamond jewelry.  All avid blog readers will know that I love my big cocktail rings, elaborate designs and coloured stones, which was heightened recently when I treated myself to a new piece for the wedding blog awards.

The more my collection grows the more usually pieces I am on the look out for and with the help of Fancy Diamonds I am today going to tantalize you with some beautiful pieces.

ring love

But before we get to the bling, the story behind the 30 year old family business is a true test to entrepreneurship.

In 1979 a young man named Leibish Polnaue sat on a train barreling towards London.  He was a diamond polisher by trade and whilst traveling was reading ‘The Guardian.’  The factory at which Leibsih worked had been shut down, and so, Leibish sat on the train scanning the day’s headlines.

Diamond jeweller

A sales advert on the front page caught his eye. Royal crown jeweler Garrad was promoting a 6 carat pear shaped brown diamond. A firm believer in man shaping his own destiny, Leibish decided to make a phone call. “For some reason they connected me to the general manager of the company,” he says with a smile, “and I tried to sell to him.”

With no existing stock of his own, Leibish offered his services as a diamond dealer and was invited in for a meeting. “So the guy says to me, ‘one of the leading families in the area is marrying off their daughter, and her father wants to make a tiara of pear shaped diamonds. Do you have any? I need them within 2 weeks.'”

Replying in the affirmative, Leibish hopped a plane to New York City, then Tel Aviv.  £60K later, he returned to Garrad with a selection of stones. “I presented them and he bought everything.” Leibish remembers. “That was the beginning of my love for fancy shapes and fancy diamonds.”

More than three decades later, Leibish & Co. is the leading source for natural colored diamonds and jewelry. If you are looking for online jewelry shop, Check out Mad Tungsten Rings and learn more.

Whether you are looking for inspiration for a present for a special someone, an engagement ring or an anniversary present (husband if you are reading do take note), here are some of my favourite pieces.

The first ring is at the top as it is one of my favourite and I don’t have a hexagonal ring yet!  The 1.74ct yellow hexagonal diamond ring is set with 20 white baguettes in platinum and yellow gold setting.  This is a statement piece and I think it is just fabulous!

hexagonal diamond ring

Heart shaped diamond rings have become more ‘trendy’ over recent years, but how can you not love these romantic heart shaped rings.  The left rings is a huge 4.68 carat yellowish green heart diamond, surrounded by intense pink diamonds – just lovely.

heart shaped diamond ring

Whilst this fancy brown diamond ring is rare, if you are looking for a classic ring, then considering rose gold as the basis of the ring can add some immediate wow factor.

rose gold ringThe choice of ring is so subjective and I don’t think you can like or loathe a particular colour of diamond or setting, as for me this changes for each individual piece. Two rings that are similar, but which have very different styling are the two yellow square diamond rings below, which is your favourite?

 yellow diamond rings

When I got engaged many years ago, hubby chose and purchased the ring before getting down on one knee.  But if you had the choice of any size and shape of stone or setting which would you choose?

colored diamond rings

And whilst we are in a shopping mood, a few more beautiful rings for good measure!

unique colored diamond ringsunusual diamond rings

This is just a few of the many different colored diamond rings available at Fancy Diamond so be sure to visit their site to check out the entire selection www.leibish.com

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This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fancy Diamonds

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