Choosing an engagement ring around a destination?

I am taking the opportunity this Saturday to look at an unusual topic – should you consider choosing an engagement ring around an engagement or wedding destination?

As anyone who has ever planned one knows and understands, a destination wedding completely alters the entire process of wedding planning. Of course, some things stay the same – you still have to figure out a guest list, send out invitations, organize the ceremony and reception, etc. However, doing all of this with a remote destination in mind usually changes everything from your decorations, to the wedding party’s attire, and sometimes even the wedding menu!

As there are many unknown elements to planning a destination wedding, it is never too soon to start the planning process.   But the question I am looking at today is, if the ring has not been pre-purchased by your fiance, should you consider your proposal location or subsequent wedding destination in your ring decision?

french weddings

 This may seem different, and indeed planning a ring to be worn for life around a single occasion may not always be the best way to go about the process. However if you browse through a site such as  77Diamonds you can find a lovely engagement ring that also happens to fit a destination that you and your future spouse have discussed as a potential wedding destination, so why not set the tone early?

So what type of rings fit which destination?

heart diamond ringRomantic Wedding Destinations

Of course, romantic destinations are some of the most popular choices for destination weddings and there is no where more romantic that Paris. If you want your engagement ring to suit a wedding ceremony in such a location, consider a diamond shape or even alternative stone that signifies romance. Some opt for engagement rings topped with diamonds shaped as hearts, and others consider alternative stones such as rubies or sapphires that may have specific romantic relevance. These options are perfect for an environment of romance.

vintage ringOld World Destinations

Another popular choice for wedding destinations is to venture to an “old world” location filled with romance and history. In France it is not hard to find a slice of the old world whether in rural rustic French countryside or is one of the hundreds of historic French Chateau that can provide the vintage haven for your wedding celebrations. Not matter what the old world location maybe a vintage ring can fit beautifully with this sort of environment. Consider engagement rings lined with smaller diamonds, or rings with halo settings, as these rings can evoke a sort of antique feel, while remaining attractive and elegant.

Beach Weddings

Finally, there are beach destination weddings, which are very popular particularly in the South of France.  In these locations, wedding attire and decoration are usually light, delicate, and almost casual, and it is easy to find an engagement ring that reflects this attitude. Going with a simpler ring, beautiful but with a smaller more perfect diamond, might be a perfect choice for this sort of destination. This is a great way to blend elegance and casual atmosphere.

I would love to hear from you on your thoughts about choosing your engagement ring around a location.

Monique xx

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