Chic Countryside Wedding in Provence

couple in Lavender | Images by Alexandra MénéWe are swooning over this sweet and simple countryside wedding full of Jewish wedding traditions. This venue was so elegant and in a beautiful location surrounded by olive trees and lavender fields. The perfect blend of two families was organized by Aava Wedding who gives us the inside scoop below…beautiful morning views in Provence from this venue | Images by Alexandra Méné beautiful wedding venue in Provence | Images by Alexandra MénéWhen I first met Romy and her mother Dorin, the alchemy was immediate. Elegance and character are two qualities we both value and appreciate! photo ideas for wedding dress | Images by Alexandra Méné bride in provence staircase | Images by Alexandra MénéRomy and Dorin knew exactly what they wanted. Both working in an artistic field, the wedding design would have to be flawless! We knew we wanted to deliver something special for them. bridal attire in Provence | Images by Alexandra Méné bride in Provence door way | Images by Alexandra Méné bride holding rings | Images by Alexandra Méné bridal close up | Images by Alexandra MénéElegance and character are two qualities I value and appreciate | Images by Alexandra MénéThe bride, a very close friend and brand manager to the worldwide renowned blogger Chiara Ferragni, would invite the most famous figures of the fashion industry, and her wedding would undoubtedly be published and followed by thousands of followers on social media. couple holding hands | Images by Alexandra MénéThe chosen theme was a Chic Countryside design, that would introduce the guests to the elegance and authenticity of Provence, France. arch with white florals | Images by Alexandra Méné asile for provence wedding | Images by Alexandra MénéRomy’s family is from Italy, with Turkish and Lebanese roots. An incredibly united family composed of strong and passionate personalities who sometimes had disagreements, which always ended in laughers and hugs! jewish groom in love with his bride | Images by Alexandra Méné kissing at alter | Images by Alexandra MénéLiving in Switzerland, Alexis, the groom, loved the mix of cultures and would do anything to satisfy his beloved wife-to-be! He was such a sweet groom to work with Chuppah blended among centenarian Olive Trees | Images by Alexandra MénéThe wedding was organized with the family. Parents and step-parents were all reunited to make this wedding unforgettable!table top with olive branch | Images by Alexandra Méné decor in provence | Images by Alexandra MénéTwo hundred guests gathered in this beautiful Domaine. Here there are dozens of hectares planted with olive trees and lavender. The Chuppah blended among centenarian olive trees in perfect osmosis with nature. dining setup with a tent in Provence | Images by Alexandra Méné night views | Images by Alexandra Ménélive music Provence | Images by Alexandra Ménékissing on the dance floor | Images by Alexandra Méné bride and groom lifted up on chairs | Images by Alexandra MénéThe wedding reception will full of laughter, trendy songs, and traditional dances with the couple and their relatives. It was incredibly joyful and festive from start to finish! We wish the bride and groom a bright future and happiness reflecting on their wedding day that was full of love and joy!

dancing the night away | Images by Alexandra Méné jewish dancing traditions | Images by Alexandra Ménécutting th ecake with a sword | Images by Alexandra MénéThis international destination wedding was full of art, fashion and family bonding. They chose the perfect place to tie the knot in this beautiful Domaine for this countryside wedding in Provence.

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Countryside wedding in Provence Snapshot | Images by Alexandra Méné

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