Catch up with Cassie: Changing her wedding planning mind

So what has real bride Cassie who is planning her wedding in France been up to since we last caught up with her – changing her wedding planning mind is what!


Wow, time has flown since the last time I wrote a blog entry! Things are really starting to motor now and some real decisions are getting almost made. Here’s the lowdown!

The venue:

The venue really is the biggest thing to decide and when we were looking originally, we were looking for something pretty, with a pool, that was affordable and when we found Le Plessis, it seemed ideal. But as time went on, I started to think about what we actually wanted and needed from a venue.

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Le Plessis was gorgeous, but it only had room for 19 people, and there were not many places nearby for people to stay. It was also far from the airport and difficult to get to in general. I began to realise that we were making life very difficult for our guests.

So it was with heavy heart that I started to look again. I had started to think maybe the whole idea was crazy when I came across the new venue. It has room for 42 people. It’s half an hour from an easily accessible airport with cheap flights. It’s ten minutes drive from a number of other hotels and gites. It’s affordable! And yes, it’s gorgeous. Allelujah!

It doesn’t have a pool, so my mental image of spending my wedding night jumping into a moonlit lagoon might have to stay a dream, but the fact that we can have so many of our friends and family there with us is what the real dream is all about.

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Source: Style Me Pretty

Balmy evenings in the grounds of a French chateau, sipping chilled local wine and beer…oh I cannot wait. I’m currently slightly terrified that it’s too perfect and something will go wrong, so I’m afraid paranoia is currently preventing me from telling you the name of the place, until I’ve made the booking!

The Dress:

So, the dress that was being made for me by a student has been completed and I have to say it is amazing. It fits me beautifully and the attention to detail is stunning. I’ve been so impressed with her work, especially for a uni student.

I would like to say that the girl who designed and made it did an absolutely fabulous job and if I was getting married this year, in a woodland as I had originally planned, I would probably not be questioning it at all. She’s been lovely to work with and I would absolutely recommend her to a friend, as I think she’s done an incredible job.

The problem is, I don’t know if I feel special enough in it. Maybe it’s because I’ve now done two big photoshoots in it already (which you will eventually get to see!) and because I’ve worn it so many times now, but I don’t know if it’s THE ONE.

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I have a real issue with this. I don’t want to be that girl. I want to be a girl who has had an amazing dress made for her, for free, and who is over the moon to wear it on her big day. I want to be practical about it. My heart, however, is currently in disagreement with my head. My heart is saying that I need to LOVE the dress. To feel more amazing in it than I ever have in anything else, ever. Which my head says is ridiculous and unrealistic. My head is pretty sensible…

So I decided to try on some other dresses, to see how I felt in something else. I went to an amazing shop in Kenilworth, called Quello, to see what suited me and to see if I fell in love with anything. In the last year, since starting to eat Paleo and weight training, I’ve gone from a size 12-14 to an 8 and yes, I am chuffed to bits about it!

What’s weird though is that nothing seems to suit me any more. I tried on about ten dresses in Quello, thanks to the patience of the delightful staff there, and I took my mother in law to be and my maid of honour and every time I stepped out from behind the curtain, their faces said it all. Not one of the dresses I tried on suited me at all. It was a disaster.

I ended up wondering if the hand made dress was actually the way to go. At least it looked good on me, even if I wasn’t sure about it.

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There is still something I want to try though. There’s a Spanish dress designer whose work I found on the internet and I slightly fell in love with. It’s unusual, a bit boho, a bit designer and very simple. I got in touch to ask if they have any UK stockists, but they do not. I also asked their prices, and they were WELL outside my budget. I got my thinking cap on and asked if they were looking for a UK stockist. They were. Would they be interested in loaning me a dress in order to have it featured on some UK blogs? Yes, they might. Interesting…watch this space for more on this!

A bien tot!



For all those brides past and present how many times did you change your mind during your wedding planning process?  Or regrets that you didn’t change your mind when you had the chance?

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