Carey Hawkins Talks Makeup For Grooms

Carey Hawkins Talks Makeup For Grooms

Happy Friday folks, today we are super excited to have makeup artist and hairstylist Carey Hawkins take over the blog to talk about makeup for grooms!!

Yes you heard us right.. makeup for grooms! FWS vendor Carey Hawkins talks us through the top tips on how grooms can prepare for the big day!

Carey is a professionally trained makeup artist and hairstylist and has been working in the industry since 2004, providing a bespoke, courteous and creative service.

Having trained in media makeup and hair (makeup for TV, film and theatre) at Shepperton Studios near London. Carey has worked on BBC dramas, films, operas, theatre, photo shoots and in retail for Mac and Bobbi Brown. (Harrods).

We shall now hand you over to Carey herself so she can share with you her expert knowledge…

“The Groom is wearing make up…..whatever next I hear you cry!

I think that most men are terrified at the prospect of wearing make up especially for such an important day. This year alone I have done make up for at least 5 Grooms to help them to look their best. I worked for Sky (and Sky Sports News) for 5 years and gentleman, there was not a professional footballer, sports personality or pundit who was allowed in front of camera without visiting the make up department first. So fear not Grooms! I will explain how simple make up can make you look great for your Bride but also a handsome beast in your photographs.

When I say ‘make up’ men immediately think of mascara and lipstick. Unless this is your chosen look I am talking about correctional make up…but what is that? This is make up that makes you look less tired, not shiny and just a little more, well ‘Groomed!’. David Page Photography says “never underestimate the value of correctional make up for the groom as well. For romantic close up shots of a couple, the value of good makeup is priceless for your photos”

I start with some anti-shine or a matte primer, which feels just like a moisturiser on the skin. I love Illamasqua Matte Primer ….. it keeps skin fresh and matte throughout the day. Then I use a concealer around the eyes and on any blemishes. This is topped with an invisible powder which controls shine too. These products are not detectable on your skin- to your mates or the camera! Then I comb through the brows to tidy (and beards too). Last but not least some matte lip balm for kissable lips and if you are still a little pale, matte bronzer applied where you would naturally catch the sun on your face.”

Illamasqua Matte Primer

“Things to avoid? Using your Wife to Be’s Yves Saint Laurent ‘Touche Eclat’. A fabulous product but not for weddings unless you want to look like you have been skiing for two weeks. Sunburn. Please, please don’t get burnt on your nose or forehead as there are no magic products to cover this! Putting on loads of suncream. A normal SPF 15 for your body will leave your face greasy, streaky and ashy in colour. Use a specific one for your face and try it at home before the big day. A great product is Bioderma SPF 30 or 50 Aquafluid, with an anti-shine texture and prefect for your face.”

Bioderma SPF 30 or 50 Aquafluid

Carey Hawkins is a freelance make up artist and hairstylist. She is a regular contributor to FWS. Carey specialises in Weddings and lives in France. For more information visit:



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