Bridal Parasols

Parasols and particularly bridal parasols are just fabulous!  I like the feminine and old world charm that surrounds them, but given the recent temperature rise in the UK they also have a very functional purpose as well as being a important factor in any wedding abroad in a warm country.

In addition they also make a wonderful prop to have in your wedding photos and with the vast array of colours and designs available, you can find out to suit your wedding theme.

vintage bride with parasolShabby Chic Wedding Javon Longieliere


Much like an umbrella, parasols are specific to protection from the sun rather than rain.  The parasol has a long history starting with the Egyptians in 3000 BC, where they were seen as a sign of prestige and the recipient of the shade had someone specific to carry the parasol for them.

The Italian renaissance saw the parasol come to Europe and then follow suit onto the US.  Parasols are more commonly associated with the Victorian period of history, when a parasol was as much of a ladies wardrobe as her hat and gloves.  The parasol also rose to fashion in line with the fashion for paler skin, show a class of lady who didn’t have to work outside.  This changed in the 1920’s when skirt lengths rose and the tanned look became fashionable as a demonstration of your wealth to be sitting on beaches and tanning.

With the current move back towards pale skin due to the suns harmful rays, the parasol has been elevated once again to fashionable status and I for one welcome the move!

Today I am going to take a look at the options available for adding a parasol to your wedding wardrobe and some of my favourite finds.

cream brides parasolLove Umbrellas

lace parasolWedding Parasols

lace parasolsLace Parasols

white black wedding parasolBelle Umbrella

personalised bridal parasolMartha Stewart Weddings

DIY wedding parasolDesigns Squared

beach bride parasol Simply Parasols

bridal sun parasolLove Umbrellas

Parasols can also be included in the decoration for you big day and I love these floral upside down parasols on Etsy

bridal parasolsAnd not lets forget about your guests, paper parasols can also make a quirky and useful gift.

paper wedding parasolsPaper Wedding Parasols

Are you including parasols in your wedding?

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  • What a lot of lovely different parasoles. we always carry some for our couples, its ideal for sunny days especially where there is a lack of shade. It can be a real benefit to help getting those lovely wedding pictures by reducing the harsh glare of the sun but still keeping the lovely weather.