Bridal Beauty comes from within

‘Beauty comes from within’ it was once written and this is completely true when it comes to bridal beauty and the run up to your wedding day.

You can spend a fortune on expensive creams and lotions, but if you do not look after yourself on the inside, then you are really wasting your pennies.

What can make a difference to your skin?  Carey Hawkins Make Up Artist and guest blogger has some answers to turn your skin around in one month.

bridal beauty comes from within


Carey: “I know, I know, it is boring to drink the old 8 glasses a day, but it really does work.  Water is essential for every cell and organ in your body.  With your skin being the largest organ it really does pay to keep yourself hydrated.  Try to make your water more fun by adding chopped fruit, finding a herb/fruit tea you like and get the day off to a good start by drinking your first glass on waking.  Cut down on caffeine and carbonated drinks.

vertese oilVitamins

Such a vast array of vitamins and minerals are available to buy now and just the sheer selection can be confusing.   The best skin supplement I have ever taken (and continue to take) is an Omega 3, 6, 9.  It provides the building blocks to healthy skin and helps with everything from eczema to acne.  After a few weeks you can start to see a change in the skin tone and texture. Try Vertese Omega 369 Oils.  Also if you are feeling stressed (or it is pre-wedding time) try a Vitamin B complex – Solgar are a good brand.


The stress of any life changing event can have a profound effect on the skin.  Weddings should be the one time when your skin is at its best and glowing.  But the stresses of organising a wedding can show on a Bride’s skin with breakouts, flare ups of eczema and dryness.  Getting some regular facials and massages in the run up to the big day will help to balance the body.  I can highly recommend booking a course of Indian Head Massages.  They don’t take long, are done in a chair and you don’t need to even remove clothes!  These massages have been done for centuries in India and are hugely beneficial for stress.  They cover the face, head, neck, top of the back, arms and scalp – even making your hair shinier!

stop aging start livingDiet

Everything you put into your body really does affect the how your skin behaves.  Check out a fabulous book “ Stop Ageing, Start Living” by Dr Jeannette Graf (an amazing American dermatologist) to show you how a revolutionary change to your diet can bring about amazing changes to your skin.


In this heat wave everyone is struggling to get a full night’s sleep but if your sleep is affected regularly you need to put into place a ‘sleep cleansing routine’!  Go to bed at the same time every evening and get up the same time every day.  No electrical equipment in the bedroom e.g. TV’s or phones.  Use an eye mask if it is light in your room and earplugs for noise.   Try some Valerian (very popular in France and a fantastic natural sedative). Take it half an hour before bed.  Nytol herbal is a good brand to try.  Lastly keep a notepad by your bed.  Before dozing off write down anything that is in your head or is worrying you.  This helps to calm the brain and be ready for sleep.

Don’t forget if you have tried many of the things above (and other alternatives) seek professional help from a dermatologist.  Not as expensive as you may think now to see one privately and get the help you need.  Use get more information and find a registered dermatologist in your area.

Here’s to many happy skin days!”

Whether you are a bride getting ready for your big day, a wedding guest, model or have an important occasion to attend there are so many brilliant tips from Carey and I am off to invest in some Omega Oils!

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