Catch up with Cassie: Booking wedding photographer

French Wedding Style Belle Bride Cassie has gone into full planning mode now that her wedding venue in France is booked, it is time to Catch up with Cassie in Booking wedding photographer.

I will not spoil the suprise, but I love the work of the photographer in questions, so I unashamedly have included many of her images through the piece!

chic bride

Cassie: “Oof, there is so much happening right now. It’s all very exciting though!

First exciting development: we’ve booked our wedding photographer! The minute I saw her work, I was totally smitten; the way she captures light and the fashion editorial edge to her work really won me over and when I found out she shot on film rather than digital, that was it; I was in love. Our wedding photographer will be the fabulous Charlie Kingsland-Barrow of CKB photography

rainy wedding day

I’ve always felt that film captures something that digital never quite manages, and as a younger person I had a darkroom at home and would go around shooting on my old SLR and developing my own images, which I loved. The magic of seeing an image emerge from a sheet of blank paper is something I still miss. When we found out that Charlie was free on our date, I literally did a ridiculous dance around my living room, which included jumping up and down on our sofa and when we actually booked her, I did a squealing lap of our apartment. I’m not even exaggerating.

rustic wedding

Photography is super important to me, as I am slightly obsessed with them. I can already picture showing them to my Grandchildren when I am ancient and I want them to be magical. Securing Charlie means that they definitely will be and I am so happy that we found her.

fine film photographer

On the subject of photographers, I have another very exciting announcement. In two days, we will be back in France, because we won an engagement photoshoot competition with the fabulous Jessica Maida in Paris! We are very excited, if a bit nervous, because we really don’t have many good photos of us together.

We’ve been practising our photo faces (okay, that’s just me) and I have photographed literally every piece of clothing I own to show to the stylist, Tara so that we can plan my outfits. We are staying for two nights, and hope to be able to see a few places and relax a bit in amongst all the pretending to be famous! We really can’t wait though, it will be amazing fun and Jessica’s photography work is stunning, so I know we will have some images to treasure forever.

The last major announcement is that our save the dates are ready! I’ve designed them myself, of course, and they feature a fun pull out that fills up your wine glass and tells you the details of our wedding date!

We decided to send them out now because we need people to have the time booked off, especially as the actual wedding will be taking place on a Friday. We are hoping that people will come to France with us for the week and spend some time with us by the pool, eating cheese and drinking wine, because really, that’s the reason we are going to France 🙂

save a date

Other things I’ve been looking at this month include bridesmaids’ dresses, the wedding food, cardboard boxes, light up signs and paper garlands. Rather than getting shorter, the list is currently getting longer by the day! I’m hoping that once the save the dates are out, I can get the invites done (for which I have some major plans!) and then start to make some of the decorative bits and bobs that will make the day really special.

A bien tot!”

To find out more about Cassie’s photographer Charlie Kingsland-Barrow visit

Be sure to check back in next month to find out how the Paris engagement shoot went!

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