Blue wedding inspiration boards

If there is a list of colours that make my top 10, then shades of blue are deffinately on there.  Whether it is vibrant blues for a summer wedding or navy for an autuminal wedding these colours mixed with greys and whites is a perfect wedding pallette. I have created blue wedding inspiration boards of my favourite blue wedding ideas.

 blue hearts

 real life wedding dordogne

The soft blue Claire Pettibone dress is one of my all time favourites for adding a shade of blue into your wedding gown, with a vintage feel and full of elegance.

blue wedding inspiration boards

1: Love Promise Ring, 2: Martha Stewart Weddings, 3: Blueberries,
4: Jimmy Choos, 5: Claire Pettibone, 6: Coast, 7: Wedding by Colour.


If you are looking to create a white themed wedding with only accents of blue, finding a creative cake designer there are so many options for blue wedding cakes, the centre blue one has a great country feel.

blue wedding cakes

1: One Wed, 2: Cakes for Weddings, 3: Cake Central.

Have a lovely start to the weekend.

monique trulove --wedding blogger