Black Friday 2019 – What Now?

Firstly, thank you for claiming our Black Friday offer!

In this offer, you’re going to have:

  • 1 x French Wedding Directory campaign for 1 year in 3 regions of France
  • 6 month lower classic banner 360 x 100px which appears on all pages of the blog (including this one!)
  • 1 x Social Media Campaign which includes:
    • 6 Pinterest Pins
    • 2 Facebook Posts
    • 2 Tweets

So, what do we need from you?

For the Directory listing, you can download one of these Specification forms:
If you’re a venue (we need a few more details from you)
And any other vendor

For the advertising banner, we need an image (jpeg/ png etc) that is 360 pixels wide, and 100 pixels high.

If you can supply the completed Specification Form, images, links to the videos and your banner to [email protected], we can get the ball rolling!

We’ll then be in touch about the Social Media items!

Looking forward to receiving all the awesome details and images.