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Are you an android or an apple lady?  I have to say that I was firmly in the android camp, but I have ventured into the apple world and loving it. So much so that I would now say that I am considering myself as a bit of a switcher and truly a blended apple/ android household!

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But anyway I am taking my new apple love and letting my inner geek play today as I have been researching the best destination wedding apps to help you on your wedding planning journey.


trip it for weddings

There are two versions of TripIt, a free one and a Pro with added features such as flight status alerts.  I put this app to the top of my list if you are planning a destination wedding, honeymoon abroad or simply a frequent traveller.

You need to create an account on the website and then TripIt knows your email.  Once you have made travel plans with airline, car hire, hotel just forward your details and confirmation number to [email protected] and it automatically puts this into a travel itinerary.  Also a recommended iphone app for any busy wedding photographers.

Appy Couple

appy couple destination wedding app

The basis of your own wedding website, but great for on the move.  The beauty of Appy Couple for a destination wedding is that when coordinating information with your guests such as hotels, alternative accommodation suggestions, travel arrangements including suggested flights and additional information for the day, things become a lot simpler.

One of the most useful features is that the couple can choose to design and personalise the app with selected groups.  Imagine that you are having a destination wedding in France, with X number of people staying with you at the Chateau for the week leading up to the wedding, X number of people invited to stay in alternative accommodation for the weekend of the wedding and X number of people just travelling in for the day.

With each of these groups you can share only the selected information relevant to them and so avoid any awkward political slip-ups. But be aware, someone will have to help the less tech-savy members of the wedding celebrations.

The Knot Ultimate Planner

the knot app

If you are already a heavy user of The Knot’s website then installing and using their app is just the next step.  The app allows you to access wedding planning details anytime, anywhere enabling you to stay organised and keep on top of your budget with the easy to use budget tool.

I love the features that enable inspiration or if you are planning a French styled wedding in the USA.  However vendors are set for USA not for France, although many photographers especially are now international so be sure to contact them to find out if you love their style.

And for inspiration there is of course Pinterest, which I love the ipad app compared to the android version!  Be sure to follow French Wedding Style on Pinterest of course!

Whilst I continue to explore and find new wedding apps, if you are considering venturing into the world of apple, the iPad mini is available at Argos online here.

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