Best Bridal Beauty Products Explained!

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With so many products available to choose from on line, in Boots or even at the supermarket the beauty counters can be a little confusing. Do you know your BB’s from your AHA’s? Which comes first the chicken – sorry I mean the serum or the moisturiser…..Carey Hawkins Make Up is here to explain the best bridal beauty products available.

BB, CC, DD creams and tinted moisturiser

A new generation of creams – hugely popular in Asia. BB stands for ‘blemish balm’ and they perform the task of a foundation, sunblock, moisturiser and help with problem skins all in one. Suited to younger, blemish prone skins. CC or ‘colour correcting’ creams are better for most skin types/ages. Specifically designed to deal with discolouration and pigmentation but I feel a foundation does a better job.

tinted moisturiser best bridal beauty products

Good if you are short of time and need skin to look more even. DD are aimed at more mature skins providing anti-ageing ingredients too. Will there be an EE – who knows? My favourite still is a tinted moisturiser. Less ingredients, better coverage, hydrating and gives the skin a great glow. Try NYX Tinted Moisturiser – great and purse friendly!


The one thing that every woman should have in her beauty cupboard (apart from cleanser!) is a serum. Light in texture and available for all specific skin care problems from acne to anti-ageing. When do you apply a serum? After cleansing (and if you use a toner) then moisturiser on top.


You do not need to use products from the same company/brand just use what is good for your skin and works! I love and recommend to lots of my clients Medik8 Hydr8 B5 serum. Good for dry, sensitive and even as just a moisturiser for acne prone skins.

Facial Oils

Have been around for many years but have recently had a resurgence in the market due to the big companies like L’Oreal adding to their lines. Facial oils are great for all skin types (including greasy) – but the purer the oils and the least ingredients the better.

Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

Can be used under a moisturiser during the day but better to be used at night, so they can work whilst you are sleeping. Again available for different skin types/conditions. A good general purpose oil is by Trilogy – Organic Rosehip Oil. Easily absorbed and non-greasy.

AHA’s/BHA’s and Glycolic acids**

All sounds very scary…..but give incredible results. All are normally liquids but can be ingredients in other products. Better choice than a scrub and used instead of. These help remove dead skin cells, clear breakouts and minimize pores. Glycolic are better suited to more mature skin.

Facial Radiance Pads

Use three times a week swept over face on a cotton pad after cleansing and before bed. Can cause tingling in skin (normal) but some people may be sensitive to these ingredients so do patch test first. I like Facial Radiance Pads by First Aid for Beauty.

Shopping List:

  1. BB, CC, DD creams and tinted moisturiser –  NYX Tinted Moisturiser
  2. Serum –Medik8 Hydr8 B5 serum
  3. Facial Oil – Trilogy – Organic Rosehip Oi
  4. AHA’s/BHA’s and Glycolic acids** –  Facial Radiance Pads from First Aid Beauty

Carey xx

And what better day to pamper yourself on your wedding day.  Carey Hawkins is a freelance hairstylist and make up artist based in France,  to find out more visit


**Do not use if you are pregnant or trying to conceive


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