Best beauty products for wedding day

Beauty is the topic of the day and more specifically the best beauty products for wedding day.  Now of course whilst I may know a lot about French weddings and style, I am not a beauty expert.  So I am delighted to introduce you to hair and beauty expert and FWS sponsor Victoria Farr.

Victoria will be a regular on French Wedding Style sharing her hints and beauty tips so that you can have the perfect bridal look.  And if you are not a bride, then trust me her expert advice will make sure that you look magazine ready the next time you are a wedding guests or at your next big occasion.

Best beauty products for wedding day

But before I hand you over to Victoria, I wanted to find out more about what makes this lovely lady tic.  Always a random question but I do love to know what 3 things you would like with you on a dessert island, Victoria would take her iPod, sunscreen and Haribo Sweets.

For any professional choosing just one favourite product is a task, but be sure to check out Victoria’s Schwarzkopf Silhouette Colour Brilliance Hairspray. And lastly, who would be Victoria’s idea of a dream hair and make up client? “I would love to work with Audrey Tautou, she is the epitome of french elegance, sophisticated with the most amazing eyes and beautiful skin.”

But without further ado, I am delighted to hand the blog over to Victoria Farr:


victoria farr makeupVictoria: “My journey began some 3 years ago at a night class in cosmetic make up artistry and I have never looked back! I never thought I would have a change in career and you couldn’t get any further from the world of financial services, which I left this Summer to concentrate full time on my business which I have built from 2010 with heaps of passion, love and drive.

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with the most amazing brides on one of the most special days of their lives, each one unique and beautiful.  I’ve also met some of the country’s best wedding suppliers, whom I’ve built great relationships with and can call friends.  I absolutely LOVE what I do and I cannot wait to see what 2014 holds.

“Now you have found out a little more about me, welcome to my first piece on all things make up, hair and beauty where I will be providing inspirational and ideas as well as sharing with you my hints, tips and knowledge. 

clarinsThis week one of my brides asked if she should buy a powder to keep her ‘shine at bay’ on her wedding day. This made me think about some of the best products I come across and what hints and tips I can offer to help my brides for their big day. Here is my range of ‘must have’ products to help with your big day and provide longevity in your make-up kit. 

Prior to the application of make up and after cleansing, I apply a primer to the skin and my number one product is Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, which is one of their top selling products and suits all skin types.  Whether your skin is in need of a ‘drink’ or a quick pick me up to combat dullness, this product is perfect.  I also use it as a face mask before bed as it soaks into the skin and provides a radiant complexion the next morning.

supermatteIf the skin is oily in certain areas, I apply Make Up International Super Matte Anti Shine.  It comes in three shades; Light, Medium & Dark.  I use the Medium on most Caucasian skin and it hardly applies any colour to the skin – I love this product!  It’s normally used for scar tissue but works wonders on oily t zones; It can be used on it’s own if you feel the need for a little matting down and for you men out there, it can be used without noticing you have any thing on!

You can actually see a difference in the texture of the skin once it has dried after a few seconds.  Any products on top of this will sit perfectly and works well with flash photography. 

vinchySo after these 2 wonder products have been applied, I then move to skin coverage, either using a tinted moisturiser, foundation or concealer and then I ‘set’ the base with a powder.  My go to product is the Vichy Dermablend translucent powder, which doesn’t apply any colour to the face whatsoever and does not have any light reflecting particles, so can be used all over the face.  I use a powder puff to press into the skin and then brush away any excess in a downward motion, primarily to the centre of the face, but also to any areas that I have concealed.

papier poudreEven though we have applied the make up in a layering fashion, this should reduce shine coming through for a significant amount of time, however, I do advise to my brides that instead of applying more powder either from a compact or loosely, which can make the base look ‘muddy’, to use the Papier Poudre blotting sheets on the skin, if needed.  As a little gesture to my brides, I give them a complementary pack to carry in their purse.

So that’s just a little taste of my fail safe products for my lovely brides, of course these products can also be used for the handsome grooms, should they feel the need to have a little something on the day without feeling they are wearing make up.”

To find out more about Victoria’s Hair and Make up services visit

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