Belle Bride Kim – Going With The Flow

Kim and Alex

In mid-2018 I was first presented with the opportunity of being a ‘real bride’ for French Wedding Style. I was so excited to document every detail of our wedding as something to reflect back on, as well as offer tips to other brides marrying in France.  Also, as a huge fan of Sex and the City, I loved the idea of living out my inner Carrie Bradshaw, with my own little ‘column’ or space on the internet to share my feelings and thoughts during the wedding planning process.

However, as excited as I was, I didn’t expect to be documenting the process some two and a half years later.  I also never thought that in January 2021 I would:

  • not be married
  • have postponed my wedding
  • be unsure of when we will get married
  • have no clue about what we will actually be allowed on the day

Even the reality of writing that list is somewhat of a shock and at the same time really sad.  The truth is that everything is so uncertain at the moment and for someone that is not great at ‘going with the flow,’ wedding planning is proving very difficult.

Currently, we have our wedding booked in France for the end of May.  While we have everything crossed that this might happen, we are not naïve to the present day situation and the fact that our wedding day, if it can happen will look quite different to what we had planned.

We have decided to try and ‘go with the flow’…

…at least until we get a little closer to May, where we can hopefully make more of an informed decision.  Fortunately, we have the help of our planner and lovely suppliers that have been so accommodating and understanding so far, so we have every confidence that they will support any decision we make as best they can!

We also have our English wedding to hopefully look forward to.  This is planned for early April, so we are hopeful that weddings may be allowed in the UK by then.  We were always planning this as a small occasion (just us two and our witnesses), as we wanted the focus to be on the French wedding and we saw it as more of a legal formality.  However, if restrictions allow, we will try and make this a little bigger.

We are trying to remain positive about everything and at the same time realistic.  It has been so comforting to talk to other brides and knowing that all my thoughts, tears and concerns are shared.

We are trying to take positives from the situation: in the time that our wedding has been postponed we have managed to save more money and our endless discussions about the wedding have really helped us to focus in on what is important to us.  For us now, we just want to be married and in whatever form that takes, we will just go with it!

Hopefully my next update can include a few more details about our wedding plans…

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