Belle Bride Kim – Changing your Mind!

Kim and Alex on French Wedding Style

Our real bride Kim is back and she is sharing the updates on her journey to planning a wedding in France.  When it comes to wedding planning their are so many choices, so today Kim discussing changing her mind….

Despite once saying that our wedding day would be a small, low key affair, we now find ourselves organising a three-day wedding celebration in France, as well as an English wedding ceremony beforehand!

The legal part

As we cannot legally marry in France, we will be holding a small (this time I really mean it!) ceremony at our local registry office a couple of weeks before we fly off to the South of France, to marry in front of our friends and family at the stunning Chateau LasFargues

We are very lucky that our closest registry office is so pretty and we are excited to say our vows to officially become Mr and Mrs Hunter (eek it sounds so official!!).

Although we are aware that the English wedding day is not the main event, we want to make sure that the day will still be a special moment to remember.

So, what have we decided for the day? 

On the day, we will be having a small ceremony with our two witnesses at our local registry office, followed by a lunch with close family and of course lots of bubbly!

At the ceremony, we have decided not to exchange our actual wedding rings as we would rather save this moment to be in front of all of our loved ones, so instead, we have set each other the challenge to find the tackiest/funniest rings under £5 and then surprise each other on the day!

Then as husband and wife, we are going to catch the Eurostar and spend a couple of days in Paris.  Paris is where we got engaged and we haven’t been back to the city since. It will be so special that Paris will be the first place that we visit as husband and wife.

real bride getting married in France

So, now as we have officially given notice, the count down to the first part of our wedding celebrations is on!

Chateau Wedding

The French wedding celebrations are also firmly underway too!  Our invitations, designed by PYE designs, have been sent and the RSVPS are coming in!  It is so exciting to hear from friends and family that they are booking flights and arranging hotels for our wedding! We can’t thank them enough for joining us in France to share in our celebrations!

destination wedding invitations on French Wedding Style

To help our guests organise the trip we have used The Knot to create a wedding website.  On our page we have included information about the wedding day celebrations, as well as travel details and accommodation suggestions.  Our guests are also using the website to RSVP. This is a really handy part of the website as it is so quick and easy for the guests to RSVP and really clear for us to know who is coming and the numbers for each part of the wedding celebrations!

Our guests can also use our wedding email address to let us know information and ask questions.  Setting up a separate email address was a tip I was given when we first got engaged by a fellow bride-to-be. She suggested that creating a separate wedding email address is so useful as it keeps keep all ‘wedmin’ separate to normal emails.

So although our wedding day will not be a small, low key affair, we wouldn’t have it any other way!  And as we approach the six months to go mark, we are feeling more and more excited and ready to celebrate becoming The Hunters!

Kim has had such a fun wedding planning journey so far and we have loved following along!

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