Beauty Regime for Flights

Beauty Regime for Flights

It is nearly the holiday season and for many of us that involves some travel and airport visits.  However it doesn’t matter if you are traveling for pleasure, work or as a bride to be we all know that havoc that flights can have on our skin and hair.

But don’t fear as expert hair and makeup artist in France, Carey Hawkins is sharing with us today the top beauty regime for flights and a little pre-travel tips.

Beauty Regime for Flights

Nothing is more exciting (or occasionally frustrating!) than travel. For work or pleasure nothing beats the excitement of a new destination to explore. The same cannot be said for the state of our skin and hair after said traveling!

Air at altitude has little moisture. That coupled with re-cycled air conditioning on planes and bit of travel stress can wreak havoc with your ‘do’ and create ‘Sahara’ like skin conditions even on a short haul.

Here are some easy solutions to leave you stepping off the plane like a seasoned super model.

A week before you are due to travel up your intake of water and Omega 3/6/9 and moisturise copiously – face and body. The night before you travel do a body scrub, slap on more moisturiser (and oils) and do a deep conditioning treatment on your hair. Currently loving Mark Hill MiracOILicous 2 minute intensive treatment.

Mark Hill MiracOILicious 2 Minute Intensive Treatments

On the flight avoid alcohol (tempting with turbulence I know!), anything salty and ask for water or buy airside. On board use a small water spray (or hydrating toner), lip balm and moisturise clean skin with a good face oil, topped with a layer of your fave moisturiser. Trilogy Rosehip Oil is excellent and not greasy.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

If you regular bottles are too big for travel treat yourself to some stylish Muji bottles and decant away.

MUJI travel bottles

As you already washed and blow dried your hair put it up for the flight either in plaits or a high bun. When you are ready to land shake your hair out (it should have a bit of body) and smooth on some non-greasy anti-frizz serum. (This works for shorter hairstyles too!) Try L’Oreal EverSleek smoothing anti-frizz serum

Hair Expertise EverSleek Serum

Just before you leave the plane don’t forget a quick 5 minute make up and you will be ready to face the paparazzi or even a grumpy customs officer!

If you find your hair misbehaving when you reach your destination stick with your usual shampoo, conditioner and anti-frizz serum but try washing and rinsing your hair in bottled water. Normally the different minerals in the water cause changes to the hair texture feel – some city waters are amazing others not so!

Carey Hawkins is a freelance make up artist and hairstylist. She is a regular contributor to FWS. Carey specialises in Weddings and lives in France. For more information visit:


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