Beautiful Feet for your Destination Beach Wedding

During the winter and colder months our beauty regimes change and it is easy to become lax in the areas that don’t see sunlight due to the cold weather.  I am guilty of this, especially my feet who have been snuggled away in soft socks and tights, sheltered from the elements and out of the lime light.  But if you have booked your holiday or destination beach wedding, how do you make sure that you feet are picture perfect and will dazzle on the yellow sandy carpet?

The answer is simple your feet need to have their own beauty routine and then to make sure they are not left out on the big day, add some beautiful foot jewellery.

beach weddingCarey from Carey Hawkins Makeup has been working with brides for over 8 years and lets us in on her exclusive tips to achieving beach beautiful feet and her favourite products and colours for 2012.

Carey: “There is nothing prettier than the sight of your tanned and perfectly polished toes peeking out of your favourite strappy sandals or sparkling on the beach.  Spring is nearly upon us and if you are one of the lucky ladies who are getting married this year, it is time for a girl to turn her mind to all things ‘beauty’ ready for the big day.  But ‘quelle horreur!’.  If your feet are in need of some serious attention – here are some top tips to get those tootsies into shape……

  •  Start from the ‘inside out’.  Eat lots of Omega 3 rich food (oily fish, flax seed) or take a good supplement.  This will benefit the skin not only on your feet but on your whole body!
  • In the run up to the wedding treat yourself to some professional pedicures which will give you a great start to maintain the health of your feet.  If you have any serious foot complaints (corns, bunions etc) see a Chiropodist who will help you back into your ‘Choos’.
  • Maintain daily with regular filing and buffing.  Invest in a good foot file (the cheese grater style ones are fab!) but go gently!  Less is more and you can even use an old nail file to gently buff away the hard skin from the day.
  • Take some time out to get to know your feet through massage – not once a week but every evening before bed.  Slather on a rich cream concentrating on the heels and drier areas.  Not only will your feet love you for it, but your body will benefit from your own reflexology.  For the ‘green’ girl – the Weleda foot balm is fabulous.  Then pop on some socks and awake to soft, fresh feet.

    weleda foot balm

    £8.95 in the UK

  • opi thanks wind millionHave fun with polish on your toes.  For Brides there are so many beautiful pastel shades this year – or you may wish to be a little more daring! Just don’t forget to use a clear base coat to avoid staining the nails.  Some of my favourites for 2012 are:
    • BeccaBright Sunset Coral – perfect for tanned toes
    • butter LondonSlapper – bright teal green
    • ChanelJune – gorgeous shade of apricot
    • OPI Thanks a Wind Million – duck egg blue and Pedal Faster Suzie – a pretty pale rose

So your feet are looking beautiful but now to make them sparkle ready for your beach wedding.

Celebrity jewellery designer Allie Jewellery has a sparkly practical solution with her Swarovski Crystal Barefoot Sandals.  Women have always known that there is something essentially feminine about decorating their feet.  The Crystal Barefoot Sandals are a glamorous and very beautiful way to finish your Bridal Attire.

What is so special about Barefoot Sandals?  The Sandals do not have a sole on them and they sit on the top of the foot securely.  These Barefoot Sandals are perfect for walking on the beach in the sand for a wedding.  Not only for weddings but honeymoons, cruises or even pool side!

barefoot sandalsThe Sandals themselves are made with Swarovski Crystals and Freshwater Pearls.  There is a little loop that fits on to the second toe and then they do up at the back of the ankle.  The finished look is stunning, almost like the Crystals are dancing on the feet in the sunlight!

If you have Bridesmaids, why not treat them to a pair of these Sandals as a gift to say thank you!  You could have them designed in whatever Crystal colour you wish that goes with your wedding theme.

There is something very alluring and exquisite about wearing these beautiful handmade Sandals on your wedding day!  The Swarovski Crystal Barefoot Sandals and Allie’s other jewellery can be seen at 

I am off to take Carey’s advice and go and get my tootsies beach ready for my trip to France next month and maybe buy a couple of new nails polishes as well!!

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