DIY Beauty: Beach waves with straightener

And now for something completely different, a DIY beauty post by yours truly on creating pin curls with straightener to create boho waves.

To start my hair is pretty regular, straight with a kink and mid length, but I love long thick boho waves.  So whilst I was over in Provence getting ready for drinks with friends, I put together this little tutorial on how to create boho waves using my new favourite technique with pin curls.

beach waves with straightener

Before this I used the regular curling method with flat irons, but I always found that the curls dropped quickly.  With this method these waves stay in all day on both my own and clip in hair.

Now I am no hairdresser, but here is how I create my waves.

Spray a heat protector on to your hair and then section the hair starting at the bottom.

diy hair tutorial

I used GHD IV Professional styler in Mint for my waves.   Take small sections and two fingers and wrap the hair around the fingers as though you were wrapping around a curling iron.  Make the curl into a pin curl and take your straightener and press over the top of the curl.

diy wedding hair

Watch out as the hair gets hot and first time you can get all fingers and thumbs.

Once you have done one curl, using your hand scrunch the hair in your hand and then release.

clip in hair tutorial

Proceed to do this on the first level of your hair.  If like me you are adding in clip in hair extensions, choose the correct width pieces and do these  and clip them in as you move up the hair.  This help created a blended look.

Once complete finish with a soft hold hairspray and your done.

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diy beach curls straighteners

Let me know if you give it a try and I would love to see pictures, post them over on Facebook.

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