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Somehow the day after Christmas Day seems a very apt time to talk about unwanted gifts.  Whilst Christmas is about family and friends, the presents are a large part of the day from running around like a headless chicken in the run up to Christmas trying to find the ‘ideal’ presents, to the expectation when everyone assembles around the Christmas tree and Santa’s little helper is nominated to distributed the presents.

Everyone reading this post has at sometime or other been the recipient of that gift, the one that you open and you have that split second to confess your dislike or the polite ‘thank you so much’ face whilst secretly wondering what you are going to do with said item.  When it comes to wedding gift planning, the process can be much the same unless you take charge and one solution is Merci Registry.

In brief, in 2009 fiancée Cheri and David needed a wedding registry, but were moving to Paris from California so they didn’t need actual objects – like a toaster – but really just wanted a registry where people could help them out with their new life. Cheri built a little website for themselves (http://cherietdavid.com) that allowed people to donate towards their new life in Paris where guests could contribute to physical gifts like a toaster but also to experiences like a dinner, and practical things like a week of groceries.

David says: “After a feature on Cheri on Design Sponge called attention to our wedding registry, and subsequently reblogged on the Martha Stewart wedding site I was inundated with requests to design similar registries for other couples, it was then that Cheri and I realized that we could help other couples out who were in our situation and we began to work on MerciRegistry.com.”

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Merci Registry has three ways for guests to purchase gifts and it also gives them details about the vent and then keeps track of all purchases.  It is available for a fabulously reasonable price of $29.95 for a year.

There is no limit as to what can be included on the list, need a new double bed to start married life add it onto the list.  Visiting Paris and want to dine at Jules Verne restaurant, then your guests can help make this a reality.

One of the great features about the registry is the three ways for guests to purchase.

  1. Using PayPal guests can send funds directly to you.
  2. For larger purchases such as visiting Jules Verne restaurant, guests can contribute to a group purchase
  3. If you do need some more traditional items then there are links available to online stores and registries

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Best of all you don’t have to be getting married to use Merci Registry.  Do you have a milestone Birthday coming up, Baby Shower or milestone wedding anniversary then why not make use of the registry for this aswell.

How about for expats?  If you are relocating to another country, family and friends often want to help and send ‘welcome to your new home’ gifts and cards.  The last thing that you need is for well wishers to eat into your baggage allowance with their heart-felt gifts, but the Merci Registry could be the perfect solution.

Not only can you specify gifts that are useful to you once you have arrived, such as dinner and drink on first night, buying a new Hoover or restocking your cleaning cupboard, but you can also update your registry so that family and friends can be part of your move.

Find out more or register at merciregistry.com

Have a wonderful Boxing Day and hope everyone isn’t too full.

Merry Christmas

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