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Today it is a pleasure to welcome Florent from Arantza Photography to the blog.   Starting photographing weddings in 2009, when a friend asked Florent to capture their wedding, Florent found a new found passion in weddings and translated their portrait photography experience, to capture the magic of weddings.

And just look at the happy testimonials from Arantza clients!

Pete and I knew we could trust Florent instantly for our wedding day because he had this energy both sincere, mixed with excitement, as if he was marrying us. He asked us questions on all aspects of our marriage and I listened while giving ideas that matched our vision of marriage. In any case, it was just our photographers that day, it was above all become a sincere friend whose role is to capture our timeless moments!

Coralie & Paul – Married to Les Hortensias du Lac in Hossegor – France

I had the pleasure of interviewing Florent to find out more about the man behind the lens:

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How did you Become wedding photographer?

“Friends who were getting married knew I was a photographer once asked me to capture pictures for their wedding. I did not say yes right away! I hesitated, I who had the habit of portrait photography …

Eventually I found myself in love … to the point that today it is a passion not just a business. It’s hard to say why I like it so much, that magic hand, the proximity that one can have with a couple, those little moments that “remembers” forever …

I really feel myself useful throughout my career and beyond the aesthetics of a picture, or to make a pretty picture, I like to say that I have contributed to the success of the wedding day and these images follow the couple and their families throughout their lives …

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 What skills do you think That It Takes to Be a fabulous wedding photographer?

# 1 A discreet work to better capture the essence of the wedding!

Learn to be discreet in your work. The ultimate goal is learned with experience is how to be discreet to better capture the essence of a unique day in the life of a couple.

# 2 Getting to know the couple before the big day.

Know reassure them, advise them, and know their desires and their most precise expectations. To better advise and reassure them during the preparations but also during the course of the marriage. Being both a discreet and attentive observer, to achieve quality reporting. And a dynamic and enjoyable player to accompany you in the best possible way throughout this wonderful day.

# 3 Have a quick look accomplice!

A wedding photographer could be likened to a photo-journalist in the process. He is attentive to every detail of that day. A close look is essential to capture the happiest day of your life. To better capture the moments accomplices, smiles, detail, simple emotions better you return them.

# 4 Listening

Taking the time to know and understand the couple, history, family, the course of the marriage. Understand their desires to achieve natural images and filled with emotions. Every wedding is different in shape, length, culture and experiences of the couple. The photographer must first adapt to each couple to better understand their needs and understand their desires.

# 5 illustrate the emotions accurately and easily!

A look, a smile, an intense moment of emotion is what we strive to capture! Photography is detail and feel the best moments to capture on film. Our job is not to ask for things or too rigid poses, but rather to use this naturalness and spontaneity to deliver a perfect story of your wedding. Trace and stop on the strongest moments of a scene that is the priority.

# 6 Emotion and Authenticity!

Listen, discretion, sensitivity and authenticity are the criteria that shape the work of every professional photographer. First of all it will listen expectations of the couple to better define a personal project that respects the history, personality and desires of the couple … Thanks to its sensitivity it will transmit through all the atmosphere of his pictures these moments of happiness, so remember that you build is as authentic as possible.

# 7 Advisor

Every wedding is different and it is with great pedagogy that will take time to answer questions to enable to benefit from your advice for future images. How best to prepare the wedding, what are the important things to be reckoned with, in short it will make you benefit from its experience to answer all the questions …

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How did you choose a photographer for your wedding day?

– A person available throughout your wedding, before and after your wedding to prepare it.

– A competent person to answer all your questions, all your desires (as the photographer’s style) and to better capture the sets of emotions of your wedding day.

– A nice person! (yes it helps too!), with a good feeling with the couple and guests, including our approach, our desires and with a true personality!

– A professional with projects, proposals on which the couple can truly rest on their wedding day.

– A professional with a price that fits your wedding budget. No need to go on specific numbers. Each wedding budget is different, it is necessary to clearly define its overall wedding budget before booking the photographer.

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What types and locations of weddings do you shoot?

I have the chance to do a job that allows me to travel in such different places. And share it with couples who trust me …

On the wedding in a small group in a small mountain chalet, a wedding in a castle in the South West of France, the small farmhouse Cevenol near Avignon … or on a beach … I like the variety and change in my work as a photographer. Every wedding is different and it is really great.

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How does working with a destination torque Differ from a domestic torque Planning a wedding in France?

Each couple is different, but one thing is similar: the preparation is paramount … Know the desires and expectations of each of the couples. Their vision for their wedding. How do they think their days. What place do they want to see their photographer occupy in their organization.

What is your favorite part of the photography process for a couples getting married in France?

Assuredly the first meeting! Namely put a face to a name,  on a couple who contacted me and for which we have much corresponded by email, that’s one thing I do not get tired of.

Discover expectations, desires, the couple’s story, what they like or conversely they do not … it’s always like going into the intimacy of a couple to surprise it later …

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What is the funniest story about photographing a wedding?

It’s not really funny but magical thing: imagine I had an inspiration board (a mood board) which I used to prepare my shoots portraits and wedding, with over a very pretty picture: a cover of magazine Vogue fashion representing a Russian top model, a really beautiful image … and it turns out that this person very well known in the fashion world who lives in New York one day contact me by email to hedge and to picture her own wedding … 🙂 here among others why I love my job!

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What is the best thing about being a wedding photographer?

No two days are alike. To be able to capture all your precious moments of a wedding day … And above all to feel useful in its business.

Tell me about your services

I propose as most photographers, several packages depending on type of marriage and the desired level of support. Before proposing a type of service, exchange email is done to learn more about the type of wedding and expectations married couple. From this I offers wedding packages all accompanied by products (books, fine art prints) in addition to my services.”

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Arantza Photography is available for photography services throughout France be sure to view more of their work on the website.

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