An apology

Since I started French Wedding Style over a year ago, I have found myself on an electric journey. I have always been determined no matter what project I am working on, but the passion and bordering on obsession that I have for the blog has taken even me by surprise.

My obsession has led me to retraining my sleep pattern to just 5 hours a night, whilst juggling a job, freelance work, FWS and a new project for your eagle eyed readers who have spotted the links (full launch in January).

I know that this is no different from any other blog editor/ writer out there, but my husband (my gorgeous geek behind the technology of the blog) said something to me the other day whilst we were talking.  “If managing the blog is a train journey, sometimes you are so obsessed with passing through the next station that you forget to look at the view out the window or glance up and say Bonjour to the person next to you.”

I dismissed the comment, but for days it kept popping into my head.  The reason, he was right (it is not often that I am going to admit that in public!).

So I have an apology for you today – I am sorry that whilst I have been sharing my passion for French weddings, I forgot to stop say Bonjour and get to know each other.

That is what today’s Monique musing post is all about, you getting to know me and I want to know more about you.  Yes you the readers and not just your wedding plans.

Below is a Pinterest board for you to find out more about me.  Click the board images to go to the actual Pinterest board where I have written a description on each image about its significance to me.   It is full of the things that I love, places I am passionate about, style, dreams and of course my two cats!

Pinterest board

But as I said I want to find out more about you too, so set up your own Pinterest board including all your favourite things.  Then leave a comment below with the url of the board, or tweet it to me @FRweddingstyle using the hashtag #MonAmi

Can’t wait to meet you all!

Monique xx

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  • Don’t be shy, come and leave the url for your Pinterest board or your Pinterest profile so I can come and follow and find out more about you all xx