Alternative Guest Book Ideas

Inspired by the alternative guest book that was featured on the recent shabby chic finds on Etsy, I thought that I would take a look into the other alternative guest book ideas that are available.

There are many different and wonderful ways to ask your guests to offer a permanent reminder of your wedding day from the weird and wonderful to the traditional.  Look to tie your guest book into the theme of your wedding and most important of all, look to inspire your guests with the medium of the guest book.  We have all been there, a guest book has been trust in your hands and you are demanded to think up something whitty and meaningful on que!

So here are some of my favourit alternative guest book ideas with some french inspired ones thrown in.

Wine Bottle Guest Book

In perfect keeping with a french themed wedding is a wine bottle guest book.  Guests are invited to sign their messages onto a wine bottle/s with a glass marker for the happy couple to open and celebrate at a later occasion.

wine bottle guest bookThe Knot


Fingerprint Wedding Guest Tree

Personalise your alternative guest book as a beautiful work of art that can be framed. Have an artistic friend draw a beautiful tree and then press their thumb onto the tree to add the leaves.

wedding tree francefrench wedding treeCaroline and Dan’s Real Life Wedding by Heather Shuker Brighton Photo

Wedding Wishing Stones

A tradition said to originate in Ireland, guests are invited to inscribe their wedding wishes on smooth stones.  On the wedding guest book table the stones are then placed in vases of water, the symbolic indoor equivalent of throwing the stones into a river.

wedding wishing stonesThe Papery Nook

West Guest Wine Corks

Again in keeping with the French Wedding theme you could ask your guests to sign a wine cork with their short personalised message.  Following on from the wedding their are many wonderful items that you can make with your wine cork keepsakes include framing them or depending on the number of guests making them into a large sealed coffee table cover.

wedding guest wine corksRock Paper Scissors

Wedding Guest Quilt

I love this idea that you can create a quilt in the colours of your wedding and ask all your guests to sign in fabric marker.  This fits so perfectly with a shabby chic wedding and you could make a patchwork quilt out of old material swatches.

wedding guest quiltMy 1950s Wedding

 Wedding Guest Blog or vlog

As a bit of a geek chic lady, I love the idea of a wedding guest blog or vlog after all who said that your guests well wishes and personalised messages had to be static.

wedding guest blogSan Francisco Chronicle

If you have seen any new alternative guest book ideas that you think I should know about, leave a comment below

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