Alternative Christmas Wedding Inspiration Board

In the run up to Christmas it only seemed appropriate that we look at how you could do an alternative Christmas Wedding and how this could translate into a wedding style.  I called upon wedding planner and stylist Aimée Fulling from Boutique Wedding Events to share with us her Alternative Christmas wedding inspiration board, so I am handing the blog over.


For me a Christmas wedding conjures up images of a snowy day, an old Manor House in the country with lit log fires and your closest friends and family to give a really welcoming and intimate feel to your festive wedding.  It was great fun looking at some alternatives for a Christmas ceremony.

To be on trend I decided to go with a Peacock inspired theme.  I think these base colours , when put together correctly, can give you a stunning look whilst still feeling elegant and stylish – and of course everyone would combine these colours differently ensuring you would have a truly unique look for your day.

alternative christmas wedding


With this theme you can just have a subtle hint of these colours or you can go for it and be really bold.  The accent colours – green, blue, brown and purple – come in many varying shades allowing you to choose softer tones or go for really bright shades.

There are also so many ways in which to highlight this theme – your bridesmaids attire, the flowers, your table settings, your footware and your make-up but the biggest one has to be décor.  This theme really lends itself to festive décor and you can use things like the wreaths and baubles make a great centrepiece – the colours can really come to life when all put together and with accent lighting they will truly brighten a plain white table setting!  Or you can go a little chic and use tall vases and use a mixture of feathers and baubles.

Brides now have so many great options open to them for bouquets – it is no longer just a matter of finding out which flowers are in season and then making your choice.  There is now a range of alternatives – buttons, brooches, crystals, paper and even felt – this of course means bringing in colour is a lot simpler that it used to be and it allows you to be much more creative.  Having something handmade and designed for you which can include heirloom jewellery ensures you have a truly personal keepsake from your wedding.  Matching button holes for the groom and guests can be easily matched once you have chosen your style and materials.

Some of these décor ideas can look really stunning and they won’t cost the earth.  The colour palette is a rich and vibrant one and will enable you to obtain a really elegant look for your wedding.


Thanks so much Aimée and click to see her previous beautiful inspiration board Parisian Elegance.

If you have an idea for an inspiratoin board that you would like to see or want to take over the blog with your wedding inspiration get in touch.

Monique xx

Board contributors;

Bridal Headpiece from Bridal de Vine
Cake from Delights by Cynthia
Button Bouquet from Beau Buttons – Bespoke Button Bouquets
Bridal Party from Offbeat Bride
Bauble Centrepiece from Polka Dot Bride
Feather Centrepiece from Theme Wedding Boutique
Invitation from Zazzle
Table Setting from Wedding Bee
Crystal Jewellery from Wedding by Colour
Blue Bead Ring from Jendoras Place by Jennifer Clarke
Shoes from Nora Karen
Peacock Wreath from Smiley Me
Butterfly Pendant from Michael Frank Jewellers
Bridal Bouquets from Anything that Glitters
Hairpiece from Bella Vista Flower Merchants
Bouquet from White Iris Designs blog
Gift Boxes from Meant to be Sent