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My Billet Doux

Happy Fri-yay everyone! How has your week been? Fantastic we hope! To round off the week’s awesomeness on the blog, we’re super excited to introduce you to luxury wedding gift designer and creator Natalia, founder of My Billet Doux.

It all started with a little piece of antique ribbon, a rediscovered love note and a love of beautiful fabrics that fired up Natalia’s imagination. Where could one receive and keep a Love note, a Billet Doux? In a cushion of course named My Billet Doux.

luxury wedding gift my billet doux

My Billet doux (pronounced bee-yay-doo and literally translated as ‘sweet note’) is a luxurious handcrafted Indian silk douppion cushion designed around exquisite vintage and antique ribbons. There are two designs a love cushion and a ring cushion. A notebook or notecards and a pen come with each cushion which are kept in a discreet pocket. The idea came after Natalia rediscovered a note her now husband had left her in her pigeonhole at university “Natalia, You have the keys to my heart, here are the keys to my flat xx Greg.” She wanted to find somewhere special to keep this note.

My Billet Doux with pen and note book

Natalia was brought up in Paris, studied Art history at the Louvre museum. She used to fall asleep looking at the tip of the Eiffel tower. So romance, history, luxury and the Parisian chic are the drivers of this exclusive brand.

My Billet Doux Will you marry me ring cushion

My Billet Doux Wedding keepsake

The love cushion is the perfect gift for newlyweds or for loved ones to give one another. Write a lovely note to your loved one and leave it tucked in the cushion to be discovered. In years to come, you can relive the moment, revive old memories and pass them on to future generations. It captures the romance of letter writing, while creating a written heritage and having a beautiful keepsake in your home.

Luxury Wedding Gift Newlywed gift

The ring cushion was designed to present your rings at your wedding ceremony and has a novel ring attachment to secure your rings onto the cushion. A bridesmaid, flower girl, page boy or best man can show off the rings- the symbol of your union- during the ceremony.

Luxury Wedding Gift flower girl

Every cushion is decorated with a vintage or antique ribbon, some dating as far back as the 1800s. They come from archives of ribbon manufacturers around the world, many no longer in existence. Some were used in haute couture collections and come in a variety of colours and styles – from art deco, eighties geometric or figurative styles to suit any style and taste.

Luxury Wedding Gift My Billet Doux Antique Ribbon

My Billet Doux Luxury Wedding Gift Fabrics

Finishing touches such as tassels or vintage charms or a hand calligraphed note can be added and bought separately. Many of the vintage charms are one of a kind and come with a quote that relates to it.

My Billet doux charms


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