6 Hangover Beauty Tips

6 Hangover Beauty Tips

However good our intentions are to be healthy throughout the year there is something about Christmas time that sends us back for that ‘fourth’ glass of champagne even knowing the consequences next morning!

If you have over indulged here is how to leave the house with a ‘little spring’ in your step and looking fabulous and fresh (even if you don’t feel like it!)

  1. Start when you get home. Falling into bed is the easy option but if you can drink a pint of water, this will help you to avoid the dehydrating effect of the alcohol. Prop yourself up on two pillows to avoid puffy eyes and face.
  2. Next morning jump (or crawl) into the shower and use an invigorating shower gel. Cowshed’s is packed with essential oils of rosemary and ginger to clear your head. £12.00 cowshead
  3. Try to eat something. Scrambled eggs are brilliant or even a banana will help to soothe your stomach and then take some vitamins like Berroca. If you are still felling rough then paracetemol are also gentle on your tummy, you can also improve your zinc intake with the top sellers from the proteinpromo site. Avoid coffee as this just makes the dehydration worse and your headache too!
  4. Now to ‘face’ the world. Alcohol saps the skin of moisture so replace with a good serum. I love Medik8 Hydra8 B5 is brilliant for all skin types and only contains pure hyaluronic acid to quench parched skin. Top with your usual moisturiser.
  5. After your moisturiser has sunk in apply some eye drops (to relieve tiredness), tinted moisturiser, concealer and a healthy pink blush. Try E.L.F. Mineral Blush in Peachy or Rose. £5.95. Finish with two coats of mascara to open up the eyes and a lip balm to nourish dry lips.E.L.F. Mineral Blush in Peachy or Rose. £5.95
  6. A spritz of light, fresh cologne (4711 is good for tender stomachs) to energise and you are ready to leave the house……but do keep the noise down!!

Carey Hawkins is a freelance make up artist and hairstylist. She is a regular contributor to FWS. Carey specialises in Weddings and lives in France. For more information visit: www.careyhawkinsmakeup.com.

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