Mademoiselle Slimalicious: 15 weeks to go!

15 weeks to go until the wedding

I first introduced Mademoiselle Slimalicious to the blog in August 2013 and I can’t believe how time has flown that it is only 15 weeks to go until the wedding! Sharing the journeys with my Belle Brides, I really do feel like that long distant friend and I am truly excited in the last couple of posts, before Cyndie heads off to become a married lady.

Cyndie: “15 weeks to go! I can’t believe it is May already. Winter is around the corner in Australia and again, I feel like I am falling behind with the wedding planning. I have a few things lined up and overall the situation is pretty much in control, well at least as much as it can be!

I am meeting with the dress maker next week to discuss alterations; Chris tried a couple of suits on last week, and he is yet to make his mind up on what colour he wants to go for. Next on my ‘to do’ list is to finalise the wording for the invitations which need to go out soon. I’m still on the lookout for a wedding veil, wedding jewellery and we are to start the paperwork for the legal ceremony at town hall.

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We have finally booked our flights to France and will arrive in Carcassonne on August 17th – 3 weeks before the wedding. The reality is that most of the outstanding activities will have to wait until we arrive on site. This includes make-up and hair trial, selecting the wine and the flowers. I have no idea what flowers I want, all I know is that I would like a lot of colours. I will most likely go with whatever is in season.

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I am looking forward to meet with the vendors in person, before the wedding. We have a pre-wedding photo shot scheduled. We will also discuss our play list with the DJ upon arrival in France.

Surprisingly, I don’t feel stressed. I guess I have so much to do here in Sydney. Work has been very busy over the past few months and the renovation of our kitchen is also taking a lot longer than we expected.

Chris is still taking weekly French lessons at The Alliance Francaise de Sydney. It has been just over a year since he first started, he has now reached the intermediate level.

Chris’ family will arrive in France late August and we have arranged lunch at my parents a couple of days before the wedding. It will be the first time our parents meet. They can’t communicate (my parents don’t speak any English, his don’t speak any French) so I expect a little awkwardness but hopefully delicious food and wine will help keep everybody relaxed!

Chris’ family is very excited about their trip to France and also about meeting my parents. My family is more reserved, I am not too sure how they feel about it all. I have had very limited contact with my sister this year (we are not very close and she is always ‘too’ busy). I don’t speak much with dad either. Mum is really the only one with who I have been speaking about the wedding. She is excited I think, although she knows it will also be stressful for her too, especially with receiving a lot of guests and entertaining.

I really hope we get good weather leading up to the wedding and on our wedding day. France is so beautiful when the sky is blue!”

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