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Renoir Gardens

Top Unique Wedding Venues in France

One of the biggest topics of questions that come into French Wedding Style from brides to be, is regarding wedding venues. There really are so many wedding venues and locations…

Château du Grand Lucé wedding Chateau

Wedding Chateau Rental – Chateau du Grand Luce

We have a magnificent wedding Chateau rental available to share with you today, the stunning Chateau du Grand Luce in the Loire Valley, France and the perfect location for a…

Chateau Lagorce wedding venue

Fairytale French Chateau Venue – Chateau Lagorce

It’s time for one of my favourite featured on French Wedding Style, our wedding venue spotlight series when we can get see into some of the most fabulous wedding venues…

Chateau du Puits es Pratx

Family Wedding Venue South of France: Chateau du Puits es Pratx

It’s time to throw open the doors to wonderful family wedding venue South of France, Chateau du Puits es Pratx.  I am thrilled about showcasing this quirky family venue as…

Wedding Venue near Bordeaux

Wedding Venue near Bordeaux Chateau Sentout

We are continuing our quest today to go behind the doors of some of the most beautiful wedding venues in France and today our travels take us to a wedding…

luxury loos France

Luxury Loos France, the unsexy wedding necessity!

Whether you are planning a wedding or an event, there are always unsexy necessities.  If you don’t have them they certainly make a difference to the big day, from napkins,…

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