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dukan diet long island iced tea

Cruise Phase Dukan Diet Long Island Iced Tea

With the bank holiday on Monday it has put the whole week out, but lordy do I have that Friday feeling today!  So I set about creating a refreshing cocktail…

gold star weight loss

Day 29 of Shedding for Wedding Dress Diet – 1 stone lost!

Woooo hoooo!  As you can see from the title, day 29 and I have passed the first stone mark on my weight loss journey!!  When you are on a long…

healthy fish recipes

Day 23 of Shedding for Wedding Dress Diet

Dieting, dieting, dieting – once the initial novelty of trying a new diet has worn off and in the case of Dukan Diet you are off Attack phase and have…

sports bra advice

Vital support for females when exercising – sports bras!

As part of Dukan Diet, exercise is compulsory not optional and I really like this.  As I mentioned in my last shedding for wedding dress diet post, I have found…

dukan diet exercise

Shedding for Wedding Dress Diet

Sorry for the lack off shedding for wedding dress diet updates over the last few days, life’s juggling act got in the way .  Still, moving along with the cruise…

dukan diet mocktail

Cruise Phase Dukan Diet Cocktail

So it’s Friday and that means weekend wine o’clock is coming up to signal the start of the weekend.  So not to feel like I am missing out I have…

Weleda birch cellulite oil

Day 4 Cruise Phase Dukan Diet

If my last numbers check in post on first day of  cruise phase dukan diet came with a frowney face, today on day 4 of cruise comes with a happy…

dukan diet macaron

Dukan Diet Macarons

On twitter last week I was discussing the upcoming Macaron Day today and Dukanized suggested his Dukan Diet macarons recipe.  I do love french macarons and seeing tweets and discussions…

poached egg asparagus

Day 7 Attack Phase Dukan Diet

Today’s post comes with a big frowney face.  On my last post day 5 attack phase I was nervous about the weekend and how my usual activities would fit with…

dukan diet cocktail

Day 5 Attack Phase of Dukan Diet

I have made it through the working week on Dukan Diet, I have stuck to the diet and done all the exercise requirements.  To be honest when you are in…

dukan diet beef

Day 3 of Attack Phase of Dukan Diet

Well two days of attack phase of Dukan Diet done and on with the third of my shedding to wedding dress diet.  So first things first how are the numbers…

Monique Mariage - French Wedding Style Blog

Start of a journey – Shedding for Wedding Dress Diet

Before I even start this post, I will say that I am a little nervous/ excited about the journey I have just started on and the reaction from my readers…

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