{ Scenic Samedi – French Markets }

Penned by on November 26, 2011

The hussle and bustle, the smells and fresh food all laid out – I especially love produce markets, but I am a sucker for any type of market.  I am not biased to french markets, but this is where are photographic tour is leading us today.

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paris flee market

France Flower Market

Avdeeezuk Tumbler

French Clothes Market

All Womens Talk

French Market

Oh Happy Day

french market

France Tourism

nice farmers market

South of France Market Tours

market square france


cours-saleya-nice France

Cours Saleya Nice Market

Thank you for joining me on today’s tour, if you have any suggstions as to what you would like the subject of next weeks Scenic Samedi I would love to hear them.

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