kurt gieger festive shoe

Party Season Pretty Footwear

As the party season is nearly upon us I thought I would take this opportunity to share in another one of my passions – shoes!  It all started as I…

chateau Brametoutre, wedding venue in South of France

Wedding Venue Spotlight: Chateau de Brametourte, South of France

In today’s venue spotlight we are transporting to the Château de Brametourte in the South of France and meeting its owners, Alison and Paul. The stunning Château de Brametourte came…

wedding songs

The Music of Love – commission your own wedding song

Those old married folk, myself included, always say make sure to spend money on the elements of your wedding day that will be apart of your memories for years to…

parisian elegane inspiration board

Inspiration Board: Parisian Elegance

Inspiration and creativity can’t be contained to a specific person, location or time, so today is the first guest blogger post by a lady who caught my eye for her…

Monique Trulove - wedding blogger

Monique Trulove – behind the blogger

Hello and firstly an apology for the lack of posts over the last couple of days and bringing you this piece about me, in behind the blogger.   Unfortunately someone…

french riviera

Scenic Samedi – French Coastline

During the winter months it maybe difficult to picture your summer wedding – so today is about providing summer inspiration with the beautiful coastline in France that can provide the…

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