Samantha Webb from One Stop Wedding Shop – French Weddings Oui Ici

Penned on February 13, 2018 in The Study

Samantha Webb French Weddings Oui Ici, one stop wedding shop

Hello French Wedding Style readers! Today we have a treat in store for you all, as we welcome Samantha Webb, owner of the one stop wedding shop French Weddings Oui Ici into The Study.

Samantha has been living in the Charente Maritime for the past six years, and adores all things wedding and celebrations – and like your very own fairy-godmother, can create your own stunning wedding venue anywhere in France!

So, lets find out a little more about Samantha…

My husband and I have travelled the world. We’ve owned a vineyard in Australia, and an upmarket wine bar in Thailand, so I have spent years organizing weddings and events for others, as well as for myself and our own businesses and feel that by combining my experience with my local knowledge, I can offer you a truly bespoke service.

Samantha Webb French Weddings Oui Ici, one stop wedding shop

So, have you always dreamed of a destination wedding celebration in France, but you also really, really want all those décor ideas that you have seen too?

It’s a common problem, you can’t fit everything into your suitcases and bring it with you, but you still want a destination celebration and the décor.

Samantha Webb French Weddings Oui Bouquet

It’s hard, because to quote W. Allen:
‘the heart wants what it wants and sometimes you can’t change that no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise’.

Samantha Webb French Weddings Oui Hearts

But I say, ‘why try to convince yourself otherwise?’  When you can have both.

If you think of us as the pop-up wedding company, bringing all your celebration furnishings and décor needs, to where ever it is you want them setting up.

Samantha Webb French Weddings Oui Decor

We can help you plan and organize everything, from the venue to the menu, the florist to the Fizz, or we can just decorate any venue you’ve already chosen in your chosen theme.

Samantha Webb French Weddings Oui Ici Bedouin Tent

We have everything you need, from a Bedouin tent and elegant furnishings, to different styles of table décor, which enable you to create that bespoke décor theme for your special day.

Samantha Webb French Weddings Oui Bedouin Tent Close

Our full décor service includes everything, from your seating plan, to whatever theme you choose for your tables. We can set up a rustic self-service bar, champagne and children’s candy carts, clock displays to keep your guests to schedule, quirky signs and sign posts to point everyone in the right direction. I can re-create the décor theme you’re dreaming about, to make your wedding as individual as you are.

Samantha Webb French Weddings Oui Unique

We have a selection of packages to suit your needs and budgets. To see what each entail please go to our website and pick the package that suits you best and get in touch and we can start to plan your perfect celebration here in France.