Mademoiselle Chahnez

Chahnez the Founder of “Mademoiselle Chahnez- wedding planner agency” has many strings on her bow.

Her ten years of non-wedding professional background took her to many places in the world, discovering new cultures, different traditions. She can definitely say that she is multi-culturally open minded and she is proud of it.

That is why, today, she applies her knowledge to satisfy and help couples that are coming from far to get married in Provence.

A wedding is one of the most important days in a life time, and Chahnez is here to make it smooth, as easy as possible, and that, every time, and every day with happiness and enthusiasm.

A wedding is a matter of professionals, especially when you are not living in the area, Mademoiselle Chahnez knows how to be your eyes, your feet and your brain, to ensure you a relaxed wedding prep and a magic wedding day.