Gione de Silva Images – Wedding Films

What comes to your mind when you think about a wedding video? Do you cringe and say: “Oh, that’s cheesy!” Don’t worry, we hear you! This is why we started in this business: to do it differently than the normal cheesy low quality wedding video.

If you are looking for the old style, shaky, long, boring, “uncle Bob” style video, I’ve got to be honest: we are not a good match for you!

We are storytellers! We are filmmakers! We are people who put people first and tell what is more important: their story!

Our approach is to try to make every film personal and entertaining. We know we’ve achieved our goals when a stranger watches our wedding films and feel connected to the characters in the films. Exactly like when you go to the movies. You connect with the characters, you feel hooked and in the end, you leave with a heart-warming and rewarding feeling. This is our goal: to make your wedding film unique!

To achieve that, we put you ahead of any planning and work with you to create the film you like! We give you piece of mind that you are hiring the best your money can buy and the experience we provide is second to none!

Our films are cinematic and story led.