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claire pettibone shabby chic wedding dress

French Shabby Chic Style: Part 7 – Dresses

My french shabby chic style series is coming to an end today looking at wedding dresses.  If you are organising a shabby chic style wedding there are no set rules…

Sarah.Houston - River wedding dress

Sarah Houston 2012 Bridal Collection

When I saw the Sarah Houston 2012 Collection and found out about her french inspiration, I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Sarah Houston designer bridal gowns are a…

cymbeline, Paris - 2012 Collection

Cymbeline 2012 Collection

When I first discovered Cymbeline 2012 Collection, Paris I fell in love with the story of the three sisters and the archive of designs created over 40 years. The success…

claire pettibone - 2012 Beau Monde Collection

Claire Pettibone 2012 Beau Monde Collection

When I first saw Claire Pettibone’s 2012 Beau Monde collection I actually squeaked with delight!  My passion and love of the french culture and countryside is why I set up French…

vintage train travel

It doesn’t have to be the destination it can also be the journey

So often when planning a wedding or celebration abroad, time is spent focusing on the details and events happening at our destination and the journey itself can become no more…

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