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French Wedding Style Blog – wedding ideas and wedding inspiration gallery including french lace wedding and theming your destination wedding

crochet wedding ideas

Bohemian inspired Crochet wedding ideas

Welcome to Tuesday which means it’s inspiration board day and today I am looking at Bohemian inspired crochet wedding ideas. As a big fan of adding in texture not just…

powder blue wedding ideas

Powder Blue Wedding Ideas

Inspiration on a train – powder blue wedding ideas.  I do say that inspiration can come from anywhere and for me often does when I am least looking for it,…

cobalt blue wedding ideas

To the Chateau Born – cobalt blue wedding ideas

Have I mentioned at all recently about the #teamamour shoot?!  The shoot location of Chateau Challain was one of the first pieces of the puzzle that I decided up and…

cherry wedding inspiration

Cherry Wedding Inspiration

Hello Trulovers and welcome to inspiration board Tuesday!  Today’s Cherry Wedding Inspiration Board is a reader request from Jackie on the East Coast of America, thank you for sending it…

pretty pastel wedding ideas

Pretty Pastel Wedding Ideas

Welcome to Tuesday!  My mine is a whizz with inspiration boards and styling tips ahead of Thursday when we head to France for the photo shoots. So channelling my creative…

vintage elegance wedding ideas

Cool vintage elegance wedding ideas

Hello Trulovers and welcome to inspiration board Tuesday!  I am a highly emotive creative person and my boards often reflect my current mood or inspiration that is in my orbit.  …

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