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Carey Hawkins Talks Makeup For Grooms

Carey Hawkins Talks Makeup For Grooms

Happy Friday folks, today we are super excited to have makeup artist and hairstylist Carey Hawkins take over the blog to talk about makeup for grooms!! Yes you heard us right.. makeup for…

wedding bow ties

Bringing Bow Ties Back with Le Colonel Moutarde

So often when wedding planning we get caught up in the fashion for brides that the poor grooms get left out, but not today as we are bringing bow ties…

summer groom

Grooms wear for summer weddings

Today bride to be Green Loving Girl takes a look at grooms wear for summer weddings as her and finance Barry, continue planning their wedding in France this year. When…

Paris grooms style

Groom Style!

It is all about the men today on the blog! I am ashamed to admit that I don’t feature grooms shoots that often, it is not that I don’t want…

Young boy wedding party ideas

Groomspiration and accessories

Happy November everyone!  The majority of you lovely readers are females, but we do have chaps in our audience, so this afternoons post is all for you and providing some…

groom beauty tips

Groom beauty tips

We are all about the groom beauty tips today on the blog!  I love my beauty products, coconut oil is a wonderous moisturiser for absolutely anything and hair treats, always…

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