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Photographic tour around France with french scenery and images for your dream french holiday

France tour

Tour Paris in a 2CV and see Paris from a different angle

We are finishing up th Paris love session on the blog and looking at Paris from a different angle, so come and Tour Paris in a 2CV with Fabienne from…

fishing Cannes

Scenic Samedi – Cannes France

I hope that everyone is having a lovely Saturday??  Today I thought we would visit Cannes for Scenic Samedi, to finish of the red carpet series including how to incorporate…


Scenic Samedi – Bordeaux France

When I think of Bordeaux it is usually about the wine produced by this beautiful region.  However on my recent visit to Bordeaux my opinion changed and I fell in…

Island of Oleron

Scenic Samedi – L’ile d’Oléron France

For Scenic Samedi today  we are visiting L’ile d’Oléron an island off the Atlantic coast of France  on the southern side of the Pertuis d’Antioche strait.  L’ile d’Oléron is the second…


Scenic Samedi – Perpignan France

I hope everyone is having a lovely Samedi as today I move to Perpignan France on our scenic travels. Perpignan is located in the Languedoc-Rousillon depart, the last major town…

lyon france

Scenic Samedi – Lyon France

Today’s Scenic Samedi takes us to Lyon France in east central France.  Lyon is in the Rhône Alpes region and is the second largest city in France next to Paris. …

dijon France

Scenic Samedi – Dijon France

Located in the Burgundy region, Dijon is the historical capital and the destination of our virtual trip today.  Situated approximately 40 minutes southeast of Paris by the TGV high-speed train,…

nicebeach france

Scenic Samedi – Nice France

Today’s Scenic Samedi tour moves onto Nice France, located on the South East coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea.  The city is called Nice la Belle or Nice the Beautiful…

la rochelle streets

Scenic Samedi – La Rochelle France

Today’s Scenic Samedi was scheduled to be on a different topic, but I am in the process of booking my next trip flying into La Rochelle, France and I just…

chamonix town

Scenic Samedi – Chamonix

As we ventured to the French Alps this week in Katie and Arie’s real life wedding, it seemed the perfect opportunity to take some time out and appreciate Chamonix and…

saint tropez

Scenic Samedi – Saint Tropez

Following on real life wedding in Saint Tropez, I thought what better way to kick off the 2012 Scenic Samedi Series than with by taking a better look at Saint…

french riviera

Scenic Samedi – French Coastline

During the winter months it maybe difficult to picture your summer wedding – so today is about providing summer inspiration with the beautiful coastline in France that can provide the…

market square france

Scenic Samedi – French Markets

The hussle and bustle, the smells and fresh food all laid out – I especially love produce markets, but I am a sucker for any type of market.  I am not biased…


Scenic Samedi – Languedoc Roussillon

Today we are taking a trip to one of my favourite places in France, Languedoc-Roussillon in the South of France.  Languedoc borders the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees Mountains to…

paris scenery

Scenic Samedi – Paris Skyline

Today is the second in my weekly Scenic Samedi feature, last week I looked at French Cafes.  Whether you are a french resident or a tourist the Parisian skyline is…

cafe in paris

Scenic Samedi – French Cafes

Today I am launching a new feature  which is a collection of some of my favourite photographs and places around France, called Scenic Samedi or Scenic Saturday.  The pictures are…

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