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A selection of DIY projects for a shabby chic wedding or french wedding styles

pernod ice cream pots

DIY Projects: Pernod Ice cream Pots

My DIY projects posts have today gone gourmet ( well loosly) and I am trying out a concept that I have been wanting to try out for some time, Pernod…

fabric pom pom

DIY Projects: Fabric Pom Poms Tutorial

Whilst browsing through some of the visual delights of Pinterest, I kept coming across fabric pom poms used as wedding decoration.  I love these as a great fun way of…

Printable Napkin Rings

DIY Projects: Printable Napkin Rings

Whether you are looking for napkin rings for your shabby chic wedding or french country party, today’s DIY project: Amour napkin rings is easy, stylish and a great way to…

wedding jam jar cocktails

DIY Projects: Wedding Jam Jar Cocktails

When it comes to shabby chic weddings especially those in France, there are many options for wedding drinks to serve.  This is one of my favourite DIY projects as wedding…

jam jar project

DIY Projects: Making jam jars vintage

Lets talks DIY projects  and making the good old jam jars vintage! If like me you are a horder and collect everything that could be useful especially when it comes…

diy projects fabric flowers

DIY Projects: Fabric Flowers

A friend of mine asked if  I could create some table decorations/ napkin adornments for an upcoming exclusive dinner party she was throwing for some work colleauges.  After discussions she…

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