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Paris cupcakes marry me

Cupcakes from Paris!

I love cake!  Okay not just cake, cupcakes, patisseries, well you get the picture.  If you are like me and love a tasty sweet treat, today’s delectable post on cupcakes…

chateau challain weddingcake

Fairytale Chateau Wedding Cake in France

So you have seen the fairytale wedding, now it is time for some cake porn on the blog as we take an indepth look at  fairytale Chateau Challain wedding cake…

wedding meringue cake

DIY Projects: Meringue Cake

I am amis for my lack of DIY projects recently so I am hoping to make up for it with a scrummy project that is ideal for a DIY wedding…

toffee apple favours

DIY Projects:Toffee Apples

As it is feeling all autumnal outside I took the opportunity to indulge in a DIY project that I have wanted to try for a while, Toffee Apples. The whole…

blog with a view

Honeymoon in Provence: Chateau Saint Martin

My husband and I recently visited the French Riviera, a large part to do some research into the area for some upcoming projects and partly for some R&R and to…

shabby chic wedding cake

Hand painted wedding cakes by Nevie Pie Cakes

I am so super excited about today’s post featuring the talented Natasha Collins and her hand painted wedding cakes that she creates in her company Nevie-Pie Cakes.  I came across…

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